Running & Traveling- mixing them together?

I've shared before a few tips that I have to fit in running while on a road trip, but I wanted to share with you a few tips that I learned how to fit in traveling when you're NOT training for anything in particular (also remember that it's always best to run where you either know your environment or run with a friend/ indoors).

1. Do some research on the most popular running routes and either know how far you want to run for or just "wing it" if you can!


2. Pack for all weather conditions. You never know when it could turn to bad weather or get really cold!


3. Look up a running group where you're going. I've never done this, but have always wanted to! Report back if you do (or have done this)!


4. Find a gym that has treadmills if the place you're staying doesn't have one. I did this when I was in Las Vegas for a conference and had a membership to Anytime Fitness , so I was able to go to another Anytime to get my run in safely!

5. Leave all expectations at the beginning of your run. You may be jet lagged/ exhausted/ eating different foods- just have fun and enjoy the experience!


6. Find a great trail or nature path to explore while you're running


7. Check to see if there are any local races going on and sign up for one! Bonus points if it's a half marathon! ;)

Any other tips you have to fellow runners when they travel?

Anyone else wish there was an AirBnB type of platform where you can look up and meet new running friends when you're traveling?!?