Some Run Disney Costume Ideas

It's still over 190 days away, but I'm already getting SO excited to Run Dopey in 2018! 

I've started to put together a list of some of my favorite Disney characters that I want to try to make into costume ideas for the races and wanted to share them with you!

Alice- I'm not exactly sure why I've lately been really into Alice, but she will 100% be one of my costumes! I'd like to try to do both the skirt and top as a similar style, but we will see how creative I can get. 

Star Wars- I'm leaning towards doing either R2D2 or Princess Leia. Either is definitely my two favorite Star Wars characters. Alex really wants me to do the whole Princess Leia in the gold bikini (he has a Ross-like obsession with her), but I'm not so sure on that one!

Minnie Mouse- because hello! It's Disney! And because I still have a Sparkle Athletic minnie mouse skirt that I used for last year's marathon. 

Jane from Tarzan- I'm not exactly sure how I would make this into a running costume, but I'm pretty determined! Jane is super bad ass and I would love to run as her in the marathon to complete my Dopey Challenge!

Any other good ideas for Disney Characters to dress up as?

Any good costume suggestions for any of the characters I listed?