Remaining Positive During the Tough Times

This morning as I was entering mile 3 of my 6 mile tempo run, I had a really difficult time staying positive. My stomach was feeling funky and I was tired and the miles weren't flying by as fast as they normally do. I really just wanted to be done, but I knew I would be super bummed at myself if I just gave into these 'silly' feelings! So, I figured others could also be feeling this way either in their runs/ life/ work-outs/ your job/ personal life etc. and wanted to put out a few tricks that I do to help me get out of my 'rut'. 

  1. Remember how far you've come. This doesn't have to necessarily relate to running (although it definitely can). Thinking back to other obstacles that you've overcome, goals you've accomplished that once were seen as impossible or difficult, places you've been able to experience that you never thought you would set foot on, or miles you've ran that you once thought seemed impossible-for-you can really help put things into perspective. I know this morning when I started to get really down and thinking there's no way I can go on like this for 2 or 3 more miles, I think back to when I've really ROCKED training runs or races and how at some points, they were hard too (and I once even thought those runs/races were impossible for me to accomplish). Know where you've started and be PROUD of that. You may not be where you want to be right now, but think of how far you've come during your journey- you are more badass than you give yourself credit for!

2. Take yourself out of the moment. This really really helps me when things get really tough. I start to day-dream. I might think about my day ahead or something I'm looking forward to. Sometimes when I'm having a really tough time, I think to something I've excited for MONTHS from now (i.e. Las Vegas or Dopey Challenge!). Knowing that you've got something to look forward to and plan for can help switch your mind from those negative self-talk to positive self-talk and happy thoughts. Maybe while thinking about these fun things that you have planned, you'll realize that where you are right now is a stepping stone towards reaching those trips/experiences etc. This is also a good time to daydream about those trips that aren't yet scheduled! I love to daydream about the places I want to visit someday or experiences that I want to partake in. 

3. Know that the pain is temporary. I'm really not a big fan of this saying, but it is really true and helps me push through the hurt (especially during races). I also like thinking that the faster I go (unless I'm in serious 'injuring myself territory'), the quicker I'll be done. That normally always does the trick because when you're in pain you really just want it to be over with! This also helps me get out of funks sometimes- know that the storm may be intense now, but there will be sunny skies up ahead and to just keep pushing through. Try to find the silver lining in your situation and just focus on that. It could be something as simple as being done with your day and going home to snuggle with your cat/dog/significant other (if they aren't a furnace like Alex is- too hot for snuggling!). 

What tips do you use to get you through tough times or hard runs?

Are you a fan of mantras? If so, what are some of your favorites?

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