PRs or Personal Records

I have been SO busy lately and it feels like forever since I've last updated. Life's been pretty crazy lately full of running, working, sleeping, cooking, and eating and that's about all I've been up to! I feel like I've totally fallen off the blogging bandwagon since my vacation, but I promise I will get back to regular posts once life settles into a groove again!

I'm currently trying to enter to win a Sparkle Athletic Skirt through Instagram, so I've been posting photos everyday based off of their prompts. Today's prompt, PR, really got me thinking (well and also my track workout that wasn't exactly at the paces I had on my training plan). Why are we, society, so driven by numbers? Numbers drive PRs, scales, age, work experience, diet, etc. 

What if instead of focusing on the particular number we do (or do not) want to see, we focus on how we feel.

How did that race make you feel? Were you excited/ectastic/devastated/ nauseaous etc.? Rather than focusing on the number of crunches you did or years you've had the same job or how many fruits/veggies you ate, how did that particular number make you feel? We are SO focused on the amount of income we make (numbers again, ha), but why are we not more focused on HOW our job makes us feel and what does it give us? 

My track run this morning had 4 x 1200 meter (.75 miles) repeats (with 400 meter, .25 mile, recoveries between sets) in 5:27 minutes. This was the FIRST time that the track was not busy when I've had speedwork to do, so I was really excited/ kinda nervous! It's somehow much easier when you're on the treadmill and just have to 'hang on' for the certain amount of time, rather than produce that speed for a certain time period. Each of my splits were done in 5:33 (6 seconds slower than my goal time)- I was consistent, however, and hit 5:33 on the button each time (silver lining?). Rather than feel really disappointed in myself, I chose to feel pretty proud! Doing 3/4 mile repeats on the track, by yourself, is pretty dang tough! I kept secretly wishing that someone else would come out and join me just so I wouldn't have to go it alone (it would have been even better if that person was a running coach and had a stopwatch..ha), but no one ever appeared!

Sure, I was off my goal time, but that just leaves room for improvement next week and also I think it's a starting point when you go from doing speedwork on the treadmill to outdoors (even more so on the track). It's difficult and challenging, but that's also why it's so effective. You (probably) won't have your coach run beside you during your goal race pushing you and timing you (and if you do, can I please join?!?) or be chained to a treadmill moving along at the same speed, so it's really good mental practice. 

What are your thoughts on PRs? Love them or meh, not so much into them?

Numbers- use them to your advantage or not so much?