Mountain Monday- Pearl Lake

Ugh Monday hit me like a load of bricks today. We got some snow here, so no outdoor running for me this morning and tomorrow morning it's expected to be in the low teen's, so I may have to suffer through another treadmill run again (but at least i CAN run- am I right?!?). 


There's no better cure for the Monday blues than reminiscing on one of my favorite WINTER hiking/ Yurt trips to Pearl Lake State Park (it's around 30 minutes NORTH of Steamboat)! We rented the Yurt for one night in February and it was beautiful there! They have twoyurts on the lake that are available for rent year-round and we stayed really warm and cozy inside. It was so great to wake up in the morning and be able to take our snowshoes out for a little hike around the lake with our coffee. The road getting out there definitely is an AWD-type of road, but it's really well-marked and there's ample parking (either in the Winter OR Summer). 


We've done the hike around the lake (around 3 miles round trip) several times in all different seasons (definitely don't recommend going when it is muddy out), but there's something serene about the wintertime out there. Everything seems quieter and more peaceful than the bustling Summer days. 


Also having a fire outside in the winter is not something we get to experience everyday! What a treat that was...


The hike is very gentle and I would highly recommend for almost anyone of any age (you always have the option to turn around as well, so you can go out as far as you'd like!). 


What is your favorite State Park?

Ever stayed in a yurt? 

Favorite wintertime activity?