Top 10 of my Favorite Songs that Pump Up my Marathon

Hi Friends! Well, it's a good thing that I have scheduled this post because it wouldn't be wise to be racing and posting at the same time! Hopefully by this point, I'm almost halfway through the race and going strong! I'll post about my race as soon as I can today, but for NOW I thought I'd share with you my top 10 must-have songs on my marathon playlist. So get ready to look these up and download them (and maybe start a dance party too?).

1. Rise- Katy Perry

2. Just Like Fire (From "Alice Through the Looking Glass") - P!nk

3. Too Close- Next

4. Stop- Spice Girls

5. Return of the Mack- Mark Morisson

6. Ready to Run- Dixie Chicks

7. Come Together- The Beatles

8. 24k Magic- Bruno Mars

9. You Be Killin Em- Fabolous

10. Sweet Child O' Mine- Guns & Roses

There ya go! Top 10 of my favorite songs that no matter what state of mind I'm in, I'm able to push through it with the help of these pump-up songs! 

Do you have any good songs that are your favorite to run to?

Keep the same playlist for each race or make a new one?

Do you time your playlist out for the race course or have it on shuffle? --> I just did my first 'timed-out' playlist (with the super pump-up jams to come either on the harder sections/ later on in the race) & will let you know how it goes!