Training Recap- 872.05 miles later

I (or will run including this week) ran 872.05 this training and consistently hit my highest mileage weeks EVER! I began this training cycle shortly after returning from our vacation after the 4th of July and can't believe how quickly this time went by. 


I did so many firsts in this cycle and really started to prove to myself that maybe I am actually a better a runner than I thought I was. It truly is amazing what your body can achieve when you fully commit to something and open your mind to the possibility. I did almost every track session outside on the track (I used to do them on the treadmill or in an indoor treadmill class), added in goal-marathon paced runs and did the majority outside (I had previously done a few mile repeats in the past, but would walk in between 2 or 3 sets), and did my long runs at a faster pace than my normal 'super easy, slow, slow jog'. 


I also originally had planned to get a shiny new 1/2 marathon PR, but when I got pretty sick with a nasty cold the week of my race I shifted my goals to just having FUN. I enjoyed the Jackson Hole Half SO much and had a blast running 13.1 miles. I never really pushed myself and just enjoyed the race and ended up getting 4th in my AG! This race really opened up a whole new perspective to me for running and racing. 


I only missed ONE training run this entire cycle (the week of my half marathon race) and maybe altered my weekly goal mileage twice (once during the week of my sickness/race and one during the first week of my taper, when I just ran for feel rather than goal mileage). 


I consistently worked on my strength training, altered the time of runs (to get used to the later start of the race), and managed to work in some Barre/Pilates/Yoga into my training. I also kept up with icing/ epsom salt baths/ heat/ icy hot when I felt anything nagging/ mitigated the pain with keeping up on the recovery! 


I have never felt so strong and will do another post at the end of the week recapping my overall thoughts of the Hanson's Marathon Method training program. Regardless of the results, I know that I gave every run/recovery/strength session 100% and that whether I meet my goals that it was worth it!

Check back on Friday with my goals for the race on Sunday and a special letter that I've written to anyone racing this weekend on Saturday!