Hanson's Marathon Method Week 2 Rundown

Here it is! Week 2 rundown of Marathon training. This week I really started to notice the cumulative fatigue that they talk about in the book and also definitely felt like I 1. needed more sleep and 2. needed more food. 


There was my week 2! I completed 41 miles last week and that brings me to a total of 77.5 miles this marathon training cycle. I've really been trying to keep my paces really easy on the "easy days" so I remain injury free and healthy for those speed workout sessions. 

I also got a new pair of the Brooks Ghost 10 shoes and I'm in love! They definitely have a different design/feel than the 9s, but I really love them (they feel much more like a pair of their launch 3s). They don't come up as high and are definitely lighter. Highly recommend giving them a try if you loved your 9s, but were also looking for something slightly cushier and light. 

Monday- 6 miles easy and 15 minutes of strength work (focusing mainly on arms & abs)

Tuesday- 9 miles with 1.5 mile warm-up 12 x 400 (@ 1:50 pace; recovery=11:15 min/mi) with 1.5 mile cool-down. I did this on the treadmill because it was pouring rain outside!

Wednesday- 6 miles easy with 15 minutes of strength work (arms/abs focus)

Thursday- 6 miles easy

Friday- 6 miles easy on the trails!

Saturday- Rest Day. We went backpacking- check back tomorrow for my recap!

Sunday- 8 miles easy. I split this run up with some on the trails where we were backpacking and then did the remaining 3.5 miles down to the lake later on the late afternoon when it wasn't quite so warm (it was still 85 degrees out- I guess it's safe to say that I am acclimated to the heat now). My trail run was pretty difficult (almost 1,000 feet of elevation gain over the 2.25 miles out), but I got to a beautiful lake at the end!

I'm definitely slower on the trails than I would be on the roads, but I'm starting to really love trail running! It's a great cross-training of sorts from road-running and I really think that it can only make me a stronger runner. 

Sunshine goods:

  • This was my highest mileage week EVER since I've started recording my training
  • I hit every pace on my speed workout
  • I kept my easy runs really easy
  • I did TWO trail runs this week!
  • I fit in TWO strength training sessions/ONE barre class

Gloomy goods:

  • I  need to continue to work on getting more sleep!
  • I need to make time to stretch/foam roll at the end of the day
  • I need to be aware of fueling my body with good nutrients, rather than just nutrients (I'm pretty good at this, but also really love treats)

Overall, It was a strong week and I'm already feeling as fit (if not stronger) as I was going into the Revel Rockies Marathon just last month!