Hanson's Marathon Method Week 5 Rundown

Week 5 has come and gone! My mileage hit another all-time high (48 miles) and I am so psyched! I had some trouble hitting my paces on my Saturday long-run, but the weather definitely was pretty unforgiving (HOT for me in the 80's) and I started to develop a bit of a head cold. Otherwise, my training went really well and honestly I've been so busy with work lately that I can't even remember which runs were done outside or on the treadmill (yikes)! So, I'll do my best to recap this past week. 

Monday: 6 easy miles @ 10:10 min/mi on the treadmill and 20 minutes of strength training at night

Tuesday: 8 miles with 1. 5 warm-up & 1.5 cool-down and 5 x 1k @ 4:30 and 400 recovery (actual: 4:32, 4:31, 4:28, 4:28, 4:30) on the treadmill

Wednesday: 7 easy miles @ 10:10 min/mi outside? I think...& Tower Reformer Class

Thursday: 9 miles with 1.5 warm-up & 1.5 cool-down and 6 miles @ 8:46 (actual: 8:40) on treadmill at night because I slept in!

Friday: 6 easy miles at 10:02 outside? I think...

Saturday: 12 miles at long-run pace 9:29 (actual: 12 miles @ 9:36)

Sunday: Rest Day

Sunny Goods:

  • My easy paced runs were right on target pace
  • My tempo miles were 6 seconds faster than my needed pace!
  • I'm focusing on my nutrition intake more and trying to get in some protein immediately following a run
  • I've gotten sold 8 hours of sleep each night this week and 12 HOURS (each night) on the weekend!

Gloomy Goods:

  • I didn't hit all of my paces on my speedwork session
  • My long run pace was a bit slower than scheduled
  • Head cold not so fun this week...