Hanson's Marathon Method Week 4 Rundown

One month of marathon #5 training has come and gone! This week had mainly pretty strong work-outs and I definitely wasn't feeling as sore as I did during week 3. I didn't hit all of my splits during my speed workout on Tuesday and had a bit of stomach issues during my tempo run this week, but overall I think if we didn't have some troubles along the way it would make training plans a bit too easy and predictable! Having these bumps along the way just makes me more hungry for those real 'quality' workouts. I also managed to partake in 2 fitness classes last week= a total win! 

Monday: 6 miles Easy @ 10:17 min/mi on the treadmill. 

Tuesday: 8 miles with 6 x 800s @ 3:40; Actual: 7 miles with 6 x 800s (3:48, 3:42, 3:37, 3:37, 3:38, 3:40). Overall, I'm happy with this workout. The track was busy AGAIN so I had to do this on the road (where it was busier than I expected) and trying to keep track of my splits, my 400 recovery mileage turned into more of a 200 recovery (I think anyways?), which is where I think I lost my mile (I may have been more towards 7.25 miles, but that's only a guesstimate). I guess next time if the track is busy, I'm better off just going to the treadmill! 

Wednesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:50-10:34 ; Actual: 6 miles easy @ 9:40. It was SO beautiful out this morning and I still kept my heartrate in check and really fought to keep my paces slow, but still struggled with keeping them really at an easy threshold. Guess it's something to improve upon! I also did a JumpBoard class at noon and felt really STRONG during the class. I'm really starting to notice a big difference in my fitness and strength. 

Thursday: 9 miles with 6 @ 8:46 tempo ; 9 miles with 6 @ 8:49 tempo. I wanted to do this one outside, but after a 2 mile warm-up my stomach was feeling funky and I really just wanted to be close to a bathroom should I need one, so I headed back to the treadmill to get my tempo miles in and a cool-down! The treadmill speeds can't get to 8:46 pace exactly, so I was a few seconds off. Next week, I'm hoping to do this work-out outside and hit those paces that I know I'm capable of!

Friday: 8 miles Easy ; Actual: 8 miles easy @ 10:20 on the treadmill. I was running late and was a bit time crunched, so I wanted to get my run in and shower immediately afterwards and also really wanted to keep that pace easy! 

Saturday: 8 miles Easy ; Actual: 1.15 miles easy @ 9:29 (oops- way too fast!), Power Barre class from 10-11am, 6.85 miles @ 10:21 outside. My legs and abs were so sore after the class and it was pretty warm out, so I'm just glad I pushed through and got that run done at a still relatively easy pace. I took a nice epsom salt bath and did a 10 minute recovery pose yoga class from JasYoga to recover. 

Sunday: Rest Day

Sunshine Goods:

  • My fitness is definitely improving
  • I can feel myself getting stronger 
  • 6 miles now seems like a total BREEZE
  • Kept my easy runs really at a nice easy (low heartrate) pace
  • Took TWO fitness classes this week
  • Did 3 sessions with the foam roller and 2 JasYoga recovery classes

Gloomy Goods:

  • Speed workout didn't go as planned
  • I didn't get to 45 miles like my training plan had
  • Tempo run was a bit off target pace