Hanson's Marathon Method Week 3 Rundown

I seriously cannot believe that week 3 of the Hanson's Marathon Method has already come and gone! You guys this training cycle is flying by! I'm pretty glad that I document it because I may otherwise never remember what I ran each week. I started doing a few new things to compliment my training this week and I really believe they've been helping boost my recovery. I also switched around my rest day from Saturday to Sunday so I could get my long run in on seriously sore and tired legs (boost up that marathon mental strength). 

Heres the run-down of week 3 & training thus far:

Monday: 6 miles easy

  • I like to start off my week of running on the treadmill so I know my recovery pace will truly be really easy (I keep it towards the 10:20 min/mi range) and it's kinda nice to kick off the week on the treadmill and be able to catch up on the news. I did a 60 minute JumpBoard Pilates class at noon and was sore for several days afterwards!

Tuesday: 1. 5 mile warm-up (outside); 8 x 600s (@2:44) with 400 Recovery (@11:19) between sets; 1.5 miles cool-down => 8 miles total

  • I normally like to do my speedwork on the treadmill and I was all ready to complete my warm-up and hit the track, but there were soccer players on the track at 6:30am! I was not quite ready to suffer with others, so I headed back to the gym and finished my workout on the treadmill and hit my paces there.

Wednesday: 7 miles easy

  • It was pretty cold and rainy out this morning, so I figured to just keep up my indoor running streak (exaggerating) and hit up the treadmill for this one again at a 10:10 min/mi pace. I did a 20 minute strength session before my run, but was still pretty sore from my pilates class on Monday!!

Thursday: 1.5 mile warm-up; 6 miles @ tempo (8:41 min/mi); 1.5 mile cool-down

  • I was pretty exhausted come Thursday morning and shut-off my alarm and decided to sleep-in instead of going to the gym, so that meant an after-work running sesh for me! Normally, I try to listen to my body and when it needs more sleep, I'll just rearrange my schedule to fit it in (and lucky I have such a great support system at home to be able to do this). It was pretty hot out after work, so I headed to the treadmill to get this one done since I had specific paces that I needed to hit. It went really well and I felt a bit sore afterwards, but not too terrible. 

Friday: 6 miles easy

  • Finally made it outside for this run! I did my favorite run around the river and had a hard time keeping the paces really slow. Average pace was 9:58 min/mi. 

Saturday: 10 miles at Long-Run Pace (9:29 min/mi)

  • Since 10 miles doesn't seem to really be considered a really "long long run", I slept-in and did a bunch of housework in the morning before getting ready for my run. It was 1 in the afternoon before I started and I was pretty nervous since my legs were pretty fatigued by the week of high mileage and speed/tempo sessions, but I knew that the more I'm able to train on these tired legs, the better equipped I'll be to handle those last 6 miles of the marathon! So I headed out (luckily it was pretty much overcast) with extra water and totally nailed my pace of 9:29 min/mi. I stopped a few times just to make sure I was cooling my body down (it does NOT do well in heat) and getting enough fluids. This run was definitely a self-esteem builder.

Sunday: REST DAY

  • I did a bunch of foam rolling and also a quick round of weights (arms/abs/legs), then really just relaxed the rest of the day which was definitely needed! Alex had hurt his back from his softball game the week before and we just took the day and watched the Breaking Bad marathon that was on AMC! One of the best shows to binge-watch. 

Sunshine Goods:

  • I hit my paces for all three SOS (something of substance) work-outs
  • I managed to keep my recovery easy runs really easy (thanks to the treadmill!)
  • I took 2 Epsom Salt Baths this week <-- I REALLY think these help with recovery!
  • I put my legs up the wall twice this week <-- another really important recovery tool
  • Trying to be a "mindful" eater & remember that food=fuel and that I'll continue to need more fuel as I train 
  • I pushed through my long run on Saturday on pretty tired and sore legs

Gloomy Goods:

  • My legs were pretty fatigued by Saturday
  • I'm tired a lot of the time and maybe relied on caffeine a bit too much last week!
  • I'm also hungry allll the time (trying to eat every 2 hours now)
  • I had to run on the treadmill a bit more than ideal this week