Hansons Marathon Method- Week 16 Rundown

One week from tomorrow I'll be on a plane to LAS VEGAS! I'm SO excited that the day is almost here and can't wait to run another 26.2. I finally feel like I'm mentally prepared to run it and from now until race day, I'll be focusing on taking my runs super easy and taking a day off if I don't feel like running. Any extra training runs won't make or break it and I'd much rather get to the start line feeling refreshed and ready to run, rather than mentally beat down. I've run 794.05 miles during this training cycle thus far and ran my strongest (not fastest) half marathon ever. I ran 56 miles this past week and took two strength training classes. I did have a bit of hip pain come on after my easy run on Tuesday, but with lots of Icy Hot, Heat, Ice, Stretching, and Easy Runs it calmed down. I'm a huge believer of taking the last two weeks before a marathon to eat and fuel yourself properly, focus on hydration, rest, relaxation, and getting mentally ready to race. Your body has done all of the hardwork by now and it's the rest of the stuff that is more important now. 


Monday: 11 miles with 1.5 warm-up; 4 x 1.5 miles @ 8:25-8:36 w/ 800 R (actual: 8:31, 8:26, 8:37, 8:35); 1.5 cool-down. This was a tough work-out (I didn't sleep that well and ended up waking up at 3:30am) and by the third one, I really had to push it. I'm happy I finished it out strong and overall, still a strong workout!


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:59. I went a little too fast on this workout, but I slept in and did it after work (so the sunshine and warmer temps got me a little too excited)!


Wednesday: 13 miles with 1.5 warm-up; 10 miles @ Goal Marathon Pace 8:46 (actual: 8:43); 1.5 cool-down. I did this workout while only looking at my watch twice and was SO happy with my pace. I feel like it means a lot when you're able to get to your goal pace by feel without even looking at your watch. I also did a 60 minute Barre class at lunch


Thursday: 6 miles easy @ 10:20 on the treadmill catching up on my favorite shows! Also did a few of my physical therapy exercises to work on my hip/ glute/ quad strength


Friday: 10 miles easy @ 10:20 on the treadmill after work. I slept in again and the weather was really cold/ rainy/ windy out, so I opted for the treadmill again. 


Saturday: 10 miles easy @ 10:20. I fit this run in around my CoreReformer class. I did 3 miles before the class with Stella, 3 miles after class with Stella, and 4 miles later after chores on the trails by the lake (without Stella). Running with Stella slowed me down quite a bit, but easy runs are meant to be easy and just getting in the mileage on your feet. It was nice to split up my run and do some shorter easier ones throughout the day. 


Sunday: Rest Day


Sunshine Goods:

  • Fit in 3 strength training sessions this week!
  • GMP workout done by feel rather than looking at my watch
  • Easy runs went super easy
  • Focused on icing/ legs up the wall/ recovery to ease my hip tightness
  • Slept in 2 mornings this week and working on switching my runs to later in the day (when the race start time is)
  • Got accepted to be a part of the Honey Stinger Hive 2018!

Gloomy Goods:

  • Missed that third set of 1.5 repeats...bummer!!