Hansons Marathon Method Week 15 Rundown

738.05 miles in this training cycle thus far and another week is done! This was my final peak week and it went really well. I took a lot of time to focus on recovery and nutrition (and getting a good amount of sleep)! 


Monday: 10 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 3 x 2 miles @ 8:34-8:36 (17:06; 16:49; 16:47); 1.0 cool-down. I cut a mile off of this work-out so I could get 18 miles in on Friday for my long run (rather than the 16 on the schedule). Felt strong at the end. 


Tuesday: 8 miles easy @ 10:06


Wednesday: 1.0 warm-up; 10 miles @ GMP 8:46 (actual: 8:44); 1.0 cool-down. This one was definitely one of my stronger goal marathon paced workouts. Holding that pace for a longer period actually felt possible; 60 minute Barre class at lunch


Thursday: 8 miles easy @ 10:20 on the treadmill (catching up on How To Get Away With Murder)


Friday: 18 miles @ 9:29 (actual: 9:24). Started before 5AM and finished just before 8. I was feeling pretty mentally tired going into this run, but knowing it was my last long run made it MUCH more manageable. 


Saturday: 7 miles easy @ 9:50 (a little too fast) on the trails. I'm always too fast the day after a long run (at a faster pace), but I think it's also knowing that tomorrow is a rest day is a BIG motivator


Sunday: Rest Day

Sunshine Goods:

  • Peak week is done and gone!
  • Hit all my paces this week
  • Felt strong in each run
  • Kept easy runs at a very easy pace
  • Made it to one Barre class
  • Did two strength training sessions
  • Foam rolled several times throughout the week

Gloomy Goods:

  • Nothing is complain about here! Finished out the week strong