Goals for the Rock 'n Roll Las Vegas Marathon

Here it is! Goals for my race on Sunday. 

Goal A. Have FUN

Goal B. Negative Split

Goal C. Get that Sub 3:50 that I know I'm capable of!

Goal D. Get that Sub 4:00 that I set as a 2017 goal


I always LOVE to set goals that I know I will accomplish, no matter what. So I know that whether I hit any of my other goals, I know that if I have fun then it will be a success. I've had a strong training cycle and know that I'm capable of goals B-D, so we will just need to trust the process, trust myself, and remain thankful to be able to be running 26.2 miles on the Las Vegas Strip, AT NIGHT, with thousands of my fellow runners! I can't wait to have a party the entire time!

I will make sure to update you next week with my race results, recap, and lots and LOTS of photos! Xo.