Friday Feature- Tips To Help Combat Winter Blues

HAPPIEST FRIDAY! The weekend is upon those who do not have to work ( me!). I hope you have some fun-filled plans and that the weather will cooperate enough to let you adventure outside for a bit. I have 12 miles at my long run pace (9:03) on the schedule today and 6 or 7 miles tomorrow (and Sunday is a rest day). I will also be packing for our trip to Denver- we're planning to leave bright and early Monday morning!

I wanted to share with you a few tips that I've found helpful to get through the cold month of January and to help you stay healthy and happy (this month is seriously always THE WORST). I know that I always have trouble getting out of a funk and just not wanting to do anything outside and become almost like a robot from day-to-day activities. SO these things have helped ME to enjoy January and not dread it so much! I hope they help!!

Remember your last 'warm' vacationThis one seriously WORKS (especially when it's below freezing out).


Get a massage. There's no better feeling than coming out of a 60-minute massage. Your body feels warm, refreshed, and your mind is clear. 


Embrace outdoor winter activities. I always look forward to a great snowshoe hike in the sunshine on a cold winter day and then finish it up with a hot cocoa! Talk about perfection!!

image (1).jpg

Plan a trip that is winter-themedEven if it's just to visit a state park or lake, it is fun to try some activities that you would normally do in the summer, but make them into a fun winter activity as well! Yurt trips are also SO fun!


Stick to your workout scheduleThis one is REALLY hard for me (especially when it's so dark out at 5AM), but I notice a huge improvement in my mood if I'm still able to get up and get outside for my run (rather than stay indoors).

What do you do to help you kick those winter blues?

What do you have planned this weekend?!