Feature Friday- Frittatas & Focusing on yourself

I am the type of person that hates to say 'no'. I love to have my eggs in multiple baskets and 'share the love' (so to speak), but I feel like I've gotten to this point in my life where I want to give more to those things I do and do less. It's taken me a while to finally realize that it's ok to say no sometimes and follow your intuition. We all have to do things that we're not excited or ready for, but this is different. Sometimes we take on too much to cover up other facets of our life or sometimes we just love to be busy (I guess mine was sometimes a mix of both), but I'm ready to simplify and find other hobbies that I love to do (besides running/fitness/cooking/outdoors) and branch out. Take time to intentionally do something (or NOTHING). This weekend may consist of a whole lotta nothing and I'm OK with that (the old me would have been freakishly terrified of not having every second planned or saying 'no' to an activity/ appearance/ opportunity to go do something). Do things with purpose and give yourself permission to take time to give those activities/people the real attention they deserve and maybe let those other things go for a bit and see how you feel. 


In other news, the Disney 2018 medals for Marathon Weekend have been released!! These are so beyond beautiful and I cannot WAIT (the Dopey one is totally my favorite) to run through the parks for 4 days straight! Not that I'm necessarily excited for winter to arrive, however I am excited for January to come! 


I am also putting the finishing touches on my Sweet Potato Spinach & Garlic Fritta- make sure to check it out here


Some great memes to send you into the weekend ;) :