EASY run days & thoughts on your 20's??

Happy weekend! This week sure flew-by for me!

It feels like forever since I've done a life update! I have been very busy with work, running, trying to fit in strength/stretching/foam rolling, sleep, and outdoor summer activities! I'm hoping to do a "what I eat in a day" post here in within the next few days, so don't forget to check back!

I went on an easy run yesterday morning (my first run outside since Sunday!) and really struggled with keeping my pace super easy. Now that I'm starting to gain more fitness and feel stronger than ever, I really want to play with my paces more, but I have to keep reminding myself that now is NOT the time to play with paces! I can play with my paces on my long/tempo/speed runs, but definitely not on the easy runs. The easier my runs are, the more I notice that I can recover faster and I'm gaining more fitness. 

The good thing with the slowing-down that I'm doing is that I can really take-in the scenery! It was so beautiful out and had that "early morning summer dew" smell going on- I kinda really wish there was a candle that had this smell because it always makes me think of summer mornings, waking-up early, drinking coffee on the porch, fog lifting from the valley floor, and cooler-temperature runs. 

Another thing that I'm thinking about is how there is so much PRESSURE on young people these days. I honestly feel like I've had more trouble with putting pressure on myself (and from others) in my 20's rather than in my middle and high-school years. Does anyone else feel this way? I'm sure some personalities can really thrive on this type of "flailing lifestyle" where everything is kinda unsure and up-in-the-air, but definitely not my type-A, OCD, obsessive planner self. It is nice to be a big day-dreamer and have so many goals, but if you look at them in the bigger picture it really is daunting and intimidating! I guess that's why we should really just focus on the smaller tasks (like my post yesterday?) and chip-away towards those bigger goals. 


I also feel like cherishing these times in our life are super important because we always want what we don't have or no longer have, right? So, I'm trying to embrace this stage in my life more and know that it will just make me a stronger person in the end. 

I have a ten mile run at my long-run pace (9:31 min/mi) on tap this weekend and I think I'll just see how I feel whether I do it today or tomorrow. The other day will be a rest day! We will also be resting this weekend (I think the past two weekends of camping really took a lot out of us) and hopefully a date night and maybe some paddle boarding! 

What are your weekend plans? Is anyone racing this weekend?

Thoughts on easy runs? Love them? Hate them?

What were your impressions of your 20's versus teen's? Which one was better or were they both just different?