Goodbye 2018 & What I'm Most Looking Forward To In 2019!

Happy New Year! Did you stay up all night? We always make it to 12am EST (so 10pm our time) and then go to bed! We did celebrate with some pulled pork rice bowls for dinner and popcorn and some fresh baked cookies, but that’s about as crazy as it got around here. I also had the day off from teaching skiing yesterday (yay for first day off since Christmas Day!) and got to rearrange/ redecorate my ‘gym/office’!


ALSO I had the best chef’s salad on Saturday from Gondola Joe’s (located at the base of the ski resort) between teaching lessons. So amazing- definitely check it out if you come ski here!


I also celebrated yesterday with lots of kitty cuddles first thing in the morning. Heated blanket + coffee + kitties= purrrfect morning (see what I did there? ; ) …).


Looking back on my 2018 goals, I had a pretty great year!

  • I ran a new marathon & 1/2 PR

  • Raised $10,000 for MS

  • Became an ultramarathoner

  • Decluttered a lot of the spaces in our home

  • Checked off one new race state

  • Visited One New National Park

  • While the beginning of the year I had trouble spending money on only needs, not wants- I feel like I did a much better job of it in Fall of this year

  • I began crocheting again!

  • I made two recipes from scratch

  • I mostly incorporated yoga 1x/ week (sometimes I missed it, but overall much better than previous years!)

  • Began journaling once a week!


Here are my 2019 goals!

  • Work on owning my accomplishments and following my gut more. I really want to own everything that I’ve done thus far and to question myself less.

  • BQ the marathon

  • Run a sub 1:40 half marathon

  • Run a 50 miler

  • Save $5,000-$10,000

  • Continue to purchase needs, not wants

  • Crochet a blanket

  • Run in one new race state

  • Pay off one student loan

  • Practice gratitude


What are your 2019 goals?

How did you celebrate the New Year?!?

Feature Friday: TOP TEN POSTS IN 2018

Wohooo! We made it to Friday! Finally! I’ve got 6 easy miles on tap this morning and will be on the treadmill again since it’s going to be in the negatives (and I’m on Stella-duty early this AM before work). I’d also really love to skin up the mountain or go for a swim, but my schedule is pretty tight right now! Still a toss-up! I’d love to get in either one more hike session on the ski mountain or in the pool before we enter into 2019, but a new year is no reason not to make new goals and create new exciting schedules! Also did anyone else feel this way when getting a gift this Christmas (..obviously we feel this way on the inside because let’s still remain classy!).


This weekend is super busy for me with teaching skiing (tis the season), but it’s not so bad since I get to spend the entire day outside playing in the snow! I also have Monday (NYE) completely off, which is really exciting. I can’t wait! I have a million things I’d like to get done and will probably only get to like two of them. Ha. Anyone else think like this with to-do lists and days off?!? I’m all gung-ho until it’s the actual day-off and then I’m honestly pretty lazy! Let’s get to my top ten most-viewed posts this year!

Top 10 Posts in 2018!


10. The Post Where I Shared What My Training Will Look Like For Eugene Marathon!


9. The Post Where I Recapped My First Day of my MS Run The US Relay Segment #7 Where I Ran Up And Over Rabbit Ears Pass!


8. The Post Where I Describe What I’m Doing This Weekend In Memes


7. The Post Where I Share How I Fundraised $10, 581 for MS Run The US!

6. The Post Where I Share The Article On My MS Run The US Journey from The Summit Daily


5. The Post Where I Talk About The Importance Of Courage & Taking Time For Yourself

4. The Post Where I Share The Top 5 Songs On My Playlist Right Now


2. My Entire Compilation of MS Run The US


1. Sharing My Tips To Mentally Crush That Last 10k of a Marathon!


-Three things you’re doing this weekend?!? —> teaching skiing, running 6 miles, doing some yoga!

-What are your favorite memories/ experiences from 2018?

-Give me some of your GOOD NEWS! I love to spread good news and would love to hear what yours is!

Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! We are off to take advantage of the fresh snow (5”+!!!) we’ve gotten at the ski resort early this morning and then will do the whole present shebang (& get a run/strength session in) this afternoon! Only a few more hours that our tree needs to last before it will be taken down (it’s definitely dead by now- Brady refuses to share any water with it)


Also- so accurate. 


Kicked off our Christmas Eve with homemade cinnamon rolls from Hungry Runner Girl’s blog. We split the recipe in half and they were so tasty! 


6.5 easy miles in the afternoon on the treadmill (it’s been super icy out lately and I didn’t feel like slipping my way through 6 miles) 


I’m so grateful to have such a great community of you all and thought it would be fun to share 10 things I’m most grateful for this year. I also journal every night with 10 things I’m grateful for that day (anyone else do this)? I love how it really puts everything into perspective.  

  1. My health
  2. Alex & our little furry family
  3. The beautiful area we are lucky to call home  
  4. Running!  
  5. Cooking  
  6. My family that continues to love & support me from afar
  7. This blog!  
  8. Running opportunities this past year
  9. Heated blankets (sitting with one right now and I’m not really sure why anyone uses regular blankets in the winter?!?) 
  10. Sour candy. Thank you to my mom & grandmother that supplied us with enough sour candy to last us a month AKA it’s basically already gone).  


Tell me some things your grateful for this year!  

Favorite sour candy?!? 

Any fun Christmas traditions? 

The Race That Was The Most Rewarding & I've Lost My Mind

Happy Friday! OK a few things to recap for you before we get to the last of my 3 race recaps of 2018. First of all- pretty sure I’ve lost my mind!?!? Race will be announced soon-ish! ; ) I can’t announce EVERYTHING to you all at once! I have to keep the suspense going just a little bit.


Also stocking up on all the Elderberry, Vitamin C things, and vitamins - when I feel a little niggle coming on! I also have a busy weekend of teaching skiing (tonight/ tomorrow/ Sunday), so I know I won’t get as much rest as I’d like this weekend (good thing I have Christmas Eve/ Christmas Day completely off of work)..


I’ve got an easy 5 miles on the schedule this morning, which I will probably actually do after work (before teaching skiing) so I can sleep in (but still totally winging it in the morning)!


Alright let’s get to the race that was the most rewarding (for me) in 2018. It actually wasn’t even a race, it was the most amazing experience of my life. I’m convinced I was in the best shape of my life and cannot believe how well my body handled it. You know exactly what I’m talking about if you’ve read along on my journey for a bit- MS Run The US Relay, where I ran from Steamboat to Denver (175.33 miles, over 2 Rocky Mountain Passes!) in May of this year and raised over $10,000 for multiple sclerosis research.


I guess you can say that it definitely gave me the “bug” to see how I can challenge myself even further (hence why I’m setting my sights on a lofty 2019 goal- a 50 miler!). It’s so funny when I look back on the relay and how absolutely floored I am with what I accomplished.


It never really felt ‘real’ (even afterwards!) for so so long (I’m sure my struggle with depression and lacking of confidence at the time also didn’t help), until we DROVE to Denver this past Fall. I was just completely in awe of myself and what my body helped me accomplish.


It was also so amazing to be a part of a larger community- not only did I do my part, but all TOGETHER we ran across the country! No one runner didn’t pull their weight and we raised so much awareness/ funds for MS.


I’m not even sure I would say that it was the most rewarding because it was the most amount of miles that I have ever covered (or even attempted to cover), but it was the most rewarding simply because it was part of a much larger picture. I wasn’t running or fundraising just for my grandfather, but for all those that I’ve met along my journey who have been affected by MS.


It’s a pretty incredible feeling to be part of such a wonderful community and I 100% recommend it to anyone looking like they need a new running challenge or to switch up their training. It’s something I never saw myself being able to do until I did it.


The feeling when I completed each day (AND THEN ACROSS THAT RELAY FINISH LINE?!?) was absolutely indescribable. I can equate it to receiving my Undergraduate Diploma times a million.



What are three things you’re doing this weekend?

What was the most rewarding race for you in 2018?!

Ever completed an ultra- what was your experience?!

The Race That Was The Most Fun

OK. So when I was looking back at my races for the year, this one really stood out to me. It wasn’t so much that I PR’d or how well trained I was, but everything about it was just FUN. I would absolutely have called myself crazy a few years ago just imaging that a marathon could be considered anything other than pure torture, but here we are. Don’t get me wrong, the race course was challenging (crazy hills in the second half of the course), but I raced so much smarter than I had in any other race (I actually really held back on the crazy downhill that the first portion of the race has)- which is why I think the outcome was so enjoyable.


I mean, honestly- who else would be smiling this big at mile 25 of a marathon?!? Plus this photo makes me look like a total Bada$$ with the motorcycle behind me ; ) It probably doesn’t at all, but I like to think of myself as a Des Linden leading the pack in this picture.


I trained so well for it and honestly was in the best shape of my life. I worked really hard in training on hills, so when they came in the later miles they didn’t feel too bad. This was also the first race where I wasn’t dependent on music. I actually didn’t even pop in music until mile 22 or 23! I remember starting to feel a bit tired, but got really excited when I remembered I could turn on my favorite playlist and just zone out for those last few miles.


PLUS the race gave you FREE PHOTOS! I mean, come on- that just makes it all more fun. The weather was hot, but not unbearable and I just had so much to look forward to post-race (I think that helps us mentally as well).


I remember completing the race feeling tired, but not disappointed or exhausted. I actually easily felt like I could have kept running and never once really pushed my pace (which gives me even more confidence going into Eugene this coming Spring- if I can run a 3:52 and not really push the pace, getting that sub 3:40 with more training and a flatter course should definitely be do-able).

This race was absolutely a party for 26.2 miles- plus, passing A LOT of people in the later miles of a marathon was super fun (ha).


Also a few other things happening right now to catch you up on.

Hot Cocoa & mini marshmallows are still amazing.


Resupplied on my Nuun and hoping it takes me through my Eugene training, but I’m not confident. I LOVE rehydrating with Nuun!


What was your ‘most fun’ race of 2018? WHY?!?

What’s the three best things a race can offer (in your opinion)? —> free race photos, ample opportunity for crowd support, signs/ encouragement when crowds are thin in certain areas of the race.