Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! Wow I REALLY needed this weekend and last weeks training of recovery was amazing. At first, it was a bit odd to NOT be running all the miles, but come Saturday- I couldn’t have been more thankful for it. Let’s flashback to Friday afternoon where after having a completely crazy week at work, it felt so amazing to be able to get a nice 30 minute swim in (even though I also really wanted to get some strength in, but the universe was telling me not to since I brought two pairs of right-footed sneakers with me?!?!? - in my defense they are literally the same color/style Brooks Ghosts, but wow I had never done THAT before!)  


First day of my February vegan diet before I re-introduce food groups went well! Had this for dinner and so far, I’ve only craved a meatball sub once!  


Also had a Pinterest -fail Saturday morning trying out a Banana Oatmeal Vegan pancake recipe. Ha they were a complete blob.  


My planned 5-7 miles easy Saturday got switched with my Sunday easy 8 mile run because it was 32* outside and just SO BEAUTIFUL! I didn’t want to stop running, but good thing I have some self-control ; )  


Sunday was ALOT of meal-prepping for the week ahead (I think it’s the name-of-the-game when it comes to this months diet)  


Also had a way better attempt at a different recipe of Vegan pancakes (they even had Chia seeds in them!)  


Easy 7 miles in the crazy 20mph winds (but it was almost 40* out?!?) . Anytime I wanted to cop-out when the wind got really strong-> I reminded myself of all those brave soles who finished Boston last year.  


Then Stella and I went out for a little snowshoe later on before watching the pats at the super bowl!  


Don’t worry- Brady rested up the whole day for the game.  


Alex’s two friends from High School (who love back in Maine) are visiting this week, so I was mainly solo this weekend and will be this week as they head off for a few days to ski at Park City!  


How was your weekend?!? 

Favorite Pinterest recipe you’ve found?! 

Any Super Bowl fans out there ? I just love how amazing the commercials are every year.  

Feature Friday: Running With The Kenyans Book Review, Trying Something New-To-Me

Happy Friday! Finally we are out of January and into a MUCH shorter (hopefully less cold) month. I’m also trying something new-to-me diet-wise for the month: going vegan. NOW before you get all judgmental and say things like ‘how do you plan get to all your iron’ or ‘why would you want to do a thing like that?’ - hear me out. Whenever I find myself either in a food-making slump, having stomach issues (I had some major cramps on my long run last Sunday), or just in general not excited about my breakfast/lunch/dinner options —> I look to switch things up. I would really love to find out what types of foods agree with my gut and which ones don’t and eliminating everything besides fruit/ vegetables/ beans/ grains (gluten-free) seems like the way to go at the moment. I don’t forsee it as lasting longer than a month because I truly love pizza, burgers, steaks, chicken, BACON all that goodness. I also love cheese. But if I’m able to find out which foods make my body feel great and which ones do not- I think that worth it for the month. I have so many recipes I can’t wait to make and will be absolutely loading up on things like Molasses (in my granola), Tempeh (I’ve never tried it, but honestly it is so good for you- it’s made from fermented soybeans and has loads of B vitamins, calcium, iron), Chickpeas, lots of nuts. I am most certainly NOT doing it for “losing weight” “getting stronger” or to potentially boost my running performance (unlike this article mentions Scott Jurek did it for). I would love to just cut down (or maybe out?) the digestive issues that sometimes wreak havoc on me throughout the day.

ON other news- let’s do another book review!


I recently finished Running With The Kenyans by Adharanand Finn. This book was a bit slow to start for me, but then I couldn’t put it down when he started to go into more detail about his training for his first marathon. Finn & his family packs up from London and moves to Kenya to study the Kenyan running way it Iten (one of the most popular (if not, most popular) running/training destination in the world). While there, he decides to sign-up and train for his first marathon and recruit several local runners to train with him. I love how he recaps their long run sessions (how mentally he felt through the run- I could totally relate) and the community that he describes there.

While he never truely uncovers the ‘secret’ to why Kenyans are such exceptional runners, they are all so humble and he does an excellent job of describing each individual that he meets (even Mary Keitany!). If you’re interested in an insight into training for your first marathon, Kenyan running, or just travel in general- I highly recommend this book.


I’d love to know your thoughts on the book if you’ve read it?

Any books you can recommend to me?!?

If you are a Vegan + runner —> send me your favorite recipe!

Eugene Marathon/ 50 Miler Training RUndown Week 5: 1/21-1/27

Happy Humpday! I’m so glad we’re already halfway through this week. It’s getting close to our yurt trip and I’m so excited. I also just can’t wait for a few days off.


Monday, 1/21: 5.30 miles easy @ 11:40 pace with 838’ up. I definitely felt super tired & sluggish on this run, but was really surprised at the amount of elevation I gained. I’m starting to get stronger with those hills!

Tuesday, 1/22: 30 minutes of strength & 1.5 mi warm-up / 6 miles @ goal marathon effort (8:20) / 1.5 mi cool down. 9 miles total. originally had some 1k repeats on the schedule, but decided that this morning felt like a good one to get my tempo run in and I’m glad I did. I started out at a conservative pace (8:41) and bumped it up from there until my last mile was under 8 minute pace! All done at 0.5% incline and on the treadmill since it was an icy mess outside.


Wednesday, 1/23: REST DAY!

Thursday, 1/24: another snow day! 8 easy miles on the treadmill


Friday, 1/25: ANOTHER snow day! I did this speedwork on my treadmill at home (it’s not the best for going fast, but I made do). 5 x 1k with 400m Recovery between sets & 1.5 mi warmup & cool down. 7.5 miles & then strength work afterwards


Saturday, 1/26: 6 easy miles!


Sunday, 1/27: strength & followed by my longest run since July! 15 miles on a mix of snow covered trails & then slush-filled roads


Total Mileage: 50.82 miles!

Total Elevation Gain: 2,171’ up


Training Tuesday: What I Ate In A Day

Happy Tuesday! How’s your week going? I’m so excited that we’re finally almost into February! January is definitely my least favorite month.

I wanted to share with you what my typical food looks like when training and working a 9-hour day. I documented what I ate last week when I had 30 minutes of strength training & 9 miles on the treadmill (with middle 6 at goal marathon effort- 8:20).

I woke up at 4:15am and had two slices of sourdough bread with almond butter and a drizzle of honey.


Also- a cup of coffee ( a must ).


I replenished & fueled my run with a gel (~40 minutes in) and electrolytes (~every 5-10 minutes while running and then I make sure to drink the remaining after I finish while stretching).


My first ‘real breakfast’ or second breakfast (however you want to look at it) happened at work shortly after 8am with the Can’t Beet Me Oatmeal II from this cookbook (I make a few servings of it at the beginning of the week so I can just pop it in my bag before I leave in the mornings), another cup of coffee that I brought from home (with one scoop of these collagens), and a banana.


I try to snack every 2-3 hours, so I had orange slices and a few handfuls of trail mix (from Natural Grocers) around 11am.


I had lunch around 1pm. This week, I made a big batch of the GImme Veggies Fried Rice (from this cookbook) and added a few slices of cooked chicken (also prepared on Sunday). Also with the remaining half of Kombucha and carrots/hummus.


Around 3:30pm (right before I leave to go teach skating at the rink), I had this almond butter bar (so tasty!). Normally I love something like PB & apple slices, almonds, or small thing of popcorn for my snacks- today I was craving something a bit chocolatey.


I got home shortly after 5:30pm and arranged our salads for dinner. I had already pre-diced the veggies on Sunday and cooked/sliced the chicken breast (on Sunday as well), so getting them together was super easy. I topped mine with a bit of ranch and Frank’s Red Hot for dressing.


I’m all about an after-dinner snack, so I had a bowl of popcorn and two of Justin’s Dark Chocolate Mini PB cups. Along with a cup of Throat Coat Hot Tea with two tablespoons of Apple Cider Vinegar and a drizzle of Honey (it doesn’t taste the greatest, but I swear that adding Apple Cider Vinegar has helped stave away any colds or sinus infections this year thus far- I’m normally always sick through winter and I haven’t had one niggle since November).


Sometimes I’ll eat more than this or sometimes less, I just really try to listen to my body and go with what it is craving (to an extent). If I’m extra hungry after a run, I’ll grab a Breakfast Sandwich at Starbucks. I almost always try to eat every few hours to keep myself from bonking or making a bad decision later on. I also never cut-out certain food groups because I truly believe that everything in moderation is the healthiest way to live. HOWEVER, I do know that my body feels its best (and mentally I feel my best) when I eat generally well so I keep that in mind as well when reaching for ample sour candy.

I also always drink at least 96 fl ounces of water, plus more if I’m running longer than 6-7 miles.

Here’s a daily cuteness for you. This was taken directly before he turned very naughty.



What are your favorite snacks throughout the day?

Favorite way to unwind after a long workday?