Weekend Recap & I think I've got my Nutrition Figured Out...

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?!? Our photographer that was going to take our engagement photos on Friday had to reschedule for today, so I think we’ll get our photos done this afternoon at Fishcreek Falls (pending she reschedules again). I’ve got my speedwork on tap this morning since we leave for Powell on Friday (my schedule is all switched around this week to accomodate for the race on Saturday/ travel there) and it’s expected to be NINE DEGREES OUTSIDE?!?!. I’m staying optimistic that it won’t feel too chilly and I’ll be able to get my speed work done outside, but also know that the treadmill is there too. Under 10* normally is my breaking point between outdoor vs indoor...

Let’s catch up on the weekend, shall we?

PS did you check out the Honey Stinger website?!? This was possibly one of the BEST days ever.

Screen Shot 2018-10-12 at 1.28.02 PM.png

I got some new fuel that I tested out on my long run on Friday and I think it REALLY helped. I ate Picky Oats 1 hour before I ran (it’s SOOO tasty!) with some tailwind (I also put some tailwind in my water bottle to carry with me on the run). I tried the Roctane Gu gels in Blueberry Pomegranate flavor and they tasted really good. I was feeling just burnt-out from Honey Stingers and wanted a change of flavor and I really love how the Roctanes have carbs/ sodium/ caffeine in them too.


I wasn’t quite able to take both gels every 45 minutes (I took the first one after 1 hour since I forgot the gels/waterbottle in my car and the next one 30 minutes after that), so I think it will work out even better when I can consistently take them. I’m trying to work on my fueling strategy before my next marathon!

We took a short walk by the lake on Saturday before the weather turned not-so-great


Took an Epsom Salt Bath then cuddled with the furry ones for awhile. 

 Tacos, an IPA, and watching the Red Sox for our Saturday night  

Tacos, an IPA, and watching the Red Sox for our Saturday night  

 Snowy walk for our Sunday morning  

Snowy walk for our Sunday morning  

 Cuteness overload Sunday afternoon before heading out to teach skating!  

Cuteness overload Sunday afternoon before heading out to teach skating!  


Three things you did this weekend?

Gels- what do YOU love?

Ever tried Tailwind?

Ever been in a photoshoot?

Whats your “must run indoor “ temperature?!? 

Feature Friday- What I Ate In A Day

Happy FRIYAY! I hope you have something fun planned this weekend! I've got 2 x 8 mile runs on my schedule and am teaching skiing both Saturday & Sunday, so most of my weekend is already planned, but hopefully I'll get to fit in something fun one of those days. I wanted to share with you what I eat on a typical training day because nutrition is important! I've never been one to count calories, but I try to eat smaller meals (especially when training for a big race) every 2-3 hours and never limit myself to no sugary items or alcohol (but I'm not too into that stuff most of the time anyways). 

This is what I ate on Wednesday when I had a double workout (9 miles w/ 6 tempo miles in the AM & a Pilates Jumpboard Reformer class at my lunch break). I like to do my strength training days on my hard workout days to really fatigue my legs and keep my easy run days as a great recovery day. If I'm not working out hard (less than 70 minutes), I typically will only eat a banana before running in the morning (with my coffee & an 8 oz glass of water).

**I also consumed 4 * 32 ounces of water (plus maybe a little extra- not including my Nuun tablet & Natural Calm cup of hot water**

Before AM work-out: Coffee with a bit of Hazelnut Creamer/ Collagen Peptides (I LOVE this stuff) & Toast/Honey Almond Butter/ Half of a Banana & Caffeine-infused Active Nuun Mango Orange Tablet (I do this before my hard workout days)


After AM work-out: Starbucks Bacon, Cheddar, & Egg Sandwich & Beet/Spinach/Blackberry/Plain Greek Yogurt/Quarter of a Banana/ Cinnamon/ Vanilla Whey Protein Powder (I made a big batch of smoothies and then split them up throughout the whole week)


AM Snack Before Pilates Reformer: Run Fast Eat Slow Sweet Potato Breakfast Cookies (I made these a few weeks ago and froze the ones I didn't eat right away) & Banana


Lunch: Chicken Sandwich (Canned Ground Chicken/ Light Mayo/ Sprouted Bread), Baby Carrots, Spinach w/ Balsamic Vinaigrette, & Almond Sea Salt Crackers PLUS a cute little beggar


PM Snack After Lunch: Luna Greek Yogurt Protein Berry Bar


Dinner: Brinner! Totally not pretty, but it was pretty tasty! 2 Eggs, Ketchup, 2 pieces of toast (butter/ 4 berry no-sugar-added jam), and 2 pieces of Bueler's Breakfast Sausage & Natural Calm Raspberry Lemon Hot Water


After-Dinner Snack: Chocolate Cashew Milk!

Feature Friday- Pre Long Run Nutrition

HAPPY FRIYAY! Finally! This week was equally long and short. Don't tell that's not possible, because it most definitely IS. I wanted to share a few of my favorite pre- long run (or race day) nutrition products with you today. I mainly stick with all natural products before my longer runs (but have a pretty strong stomach and have definitely eaten some crazy things before shorter runs...sandwiches, eggs, waffles, ice cream..you get the picture) that has a mixture of carbs/protein/sugar. I typically also have atleast a half of banana (if not a whole one) about an hour before my run and try to eat 1.5-2 hours before heading out for the race/long run. 

  • Nuun Active Electrolytes with Energy (caffeine)

Do you have any favorites for pre-race or long run fueling? 

Any special tactics you have for eating before a big race (1, 2, or 3 hours beforehand)?

Favorite fuels that work well when you travel to a race or do you find them once you get there?