A Peak Into How I'll Be Training For Eugene

Happy Friday-eve! Anyone else really looking forward to the weekend? Work-weeks after a long weekend are so tough. At least we have another long-ish weekend in another few weeks for Christmas!


Here’s a little preview of what my training for Eugene Marathon will look like (I’ll be following Hanson’s Marathon Method- my FAVORITE marathon training calendar):

  • I’ll begin training on December 24th (Christmas Eve) for 18 weeks!

  • I’ll peak at 64 miles and get in one 20-mile long run (I adjust Hanson’s plan a bit to make sure I get in at least one 20 mile long run)

  • My goal is a sub 3:40 marathon. While I’d love to get that BQ in Eugene, I think sub 3:40 is a very realistic goal for me. During my last 3 half marathons when I’ve been going up hill or just feeling a bit sluggish, 8:20 pace has been my default for those times (which would be my goal pace during the marathon). Which is why I’ve settled on that time goal.

  • I’ll have 2-3 workouts a week and run 6 days a week (mainly easy miles) with some speed/ strength/ and tempo work thrown in there.

  • I want to run a half marathon 4-5 weeks out from Eugene (although not sure on what half yet)!


Ever followed the Hanson’s Marathon Method?

Ever ran Eugene before- GIVE ME YOUR TIPS!

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