Spring Weather (FINALLY) & How I Get Out Of A Running Rut

It's finally starting to feel like spring here. I've been SO tired of putting on a million layers/ multiple pairs of pants/socks and freezing cold when I hop in the shower after a chilly early morning run. Yesterday morning it was above 32* outside when I started my run @ 6am and it felt amazing! I really hope it sticks around, but it was 15* on my run this morning so who knows what the weather will be like for the rest of this week....I'm guessing we'll get a mix of: snow/rain/ice/sunshine/bluebird sky/ cloudy. Oh well. Spring weather will be here before we know it! SERIOUSLY! It will be!



247.52 miles for the month of March is pretty exciting! My year-to-date running mileage is: 662. 37! How many miles did you run in March? Best accomplishment for the month? I think mine is probably getting over my sinus infection and still getting in two 60+ mileage weeks!

Speaking of running...how do you get out of a running rut? Sometimes I just really do not feel like going out for a run! Does this ever happen to anyone else? I feel lazy or tired or let's be honest: not wanting to shower after I run (because A. I'm lazy). I've found a few tricks to help me get through a running rut and would love to know what yours are as well! 

  • Switch up my running route. Pick somewhere where you've NEVER run before and head on out there! This one always helps me and gets me excited to explore.


  • Test out new clothes/shoes/tech gear etc. Anything new and shiny always speaks to me and gets me motivated to test it out! I've got a new pair of Brooks Ghost 10s waiting for me to test out on tomorrow morning's second-to-last marathon-paced run!


  • Play with your paces or try out a new workout. Maybe try a ladder workout or switch your paces up at every light post. 


  • Give yourself 10 minutes to get outside and try out running. If you're still not feeling it after that, then maybe it's time to take a day off. 


  • Try to give yourself something fun as a reward for after you get your run done. Some of my favorites: mani/pedi , ice cream, bookstore shopping (i know..i'm a geek), epsom salt bath, dinner out, etc. 

What are some of your favorite ways to get yourself out of a running rut? 

Happy Tuesday! What's one thing you're looking forward to doing today? <-- taking an epsom salt bath tonight!!! Also got a new Hello Fresh delivery last night, so looking forward to a delicious healthy meal that requires very little planning. 

How I Went From a 4:xx Marathoner to a 3:xx Marathoner

Happy Tuesday! I've got some recovery miles on-tap for today and then our first of three dress rehearsals for the ice show this week. I'm seriously looking forward to April 1st and having WAY less on my schedule and maybe I can actually just focus on running & recovery? That sounds amazing. Today I wanted to share a bit about how I cut-down on my marathon time (and also how I went from absolutely HATING the marathon to LOVING it). 

 4:45 marathon finishing time --&gt;

4:45 marathon finishing time -->

Here are 5 things that I started to doing to help me get to the point I'm at today:

  • Took training more seriously. I didn't skip out on runs. I learned more about how fueling is important. Took rest days and recovery paces became slower.


  • Tried out a few different training plans. One for 'just finish' then tried the runners world 'break x:xx' then Jeff Galloway's then tried Hanson's Marathon Method. I found one that I really liked and fit well for ME. 


  • Added in speed sessions. On the track/ flat road/ treadmill. Pushed myself outside my comfort zone with some crazy paces I used to only dream about. 


  • Got off the treadmill. When I trained for the Disney Marathon (in January), I honestly can only remember a handful of runs where I ran outside. The weather wasn't the best and my running confidence just wasn't there.


  • Added in race-pace runs. This one I think really boosted my mental confidence. If I could push myself through some tough paced runs then I knew I was capable of so much more when it came to race day & adrenaline was pumping. 
 --&gt; 3:55 marathon finish time --&gt; hopefully faster next month!

--> 3:55 marathon finish time --> hopefully faster next month!

How do you look at training and improve yourself to chase big goals?

What are some things you love to add into your training plan to get faster and mentally tough?