MS Run The US- Week 19 Training Rundown

We made it to Humpday! Congratulations! I know these next few weeks leading up to my relay would fly by, but they are going SO fast! Anyone else feel like this happens when you're anxiously waiting for something? I'm getting nervously excited for my relay and slightly questioning whether I can actually conquer this crazy distance. I know things will work out and I'll make it, but it's amazing how daunting it can feel! Last week I did a bunch of easy runs and mixed them in with walking breaks to keep my heart rate low and focus on recovery from my marathon. I also fit in 1 strength training session and one pilates class and a few short sessions of yoga (at home). Foam rolling is my best friend right now and I try to do it twice a day (along with icing my "achy areas" - knee/ achilles). I've got two more weeks of harder workouts, then one week of tapering left to go!

Monday: Rest Day! My birthday! 20 minutes of yoga at home and some foam rolling


Tuesday: 5 miles on the trail. Alternating every 1/2 mile with walking/ slow running with Stella. 20 minutes of yoga at home & foam rolling to follow


Wednesday: Rest Day! Pilates class at lunch and foam rolling before bed

Thursday: 10.26 miles. 2 hours total (time was the goal). alternated every 1 mile of running with 5 minutes of walking. Foam rolled & epsom salt bath afterwards


Friday: 6 trail miles. Alternated first half with 1/2 mile walking with 1/2 mile running, then hit some snow and had a bit of a time crunch, so finished with slow running for last 3 miles. 


Saturday: 20 trail miles. 1, 312' elevation gain. Took it easy and did most of this running, but kinda died towards the last 6 miles (it was HOT! for me anyways... 75* out and sunny). Trying to focus less on pace, more on lower heart rate and covering mileage to get to my relay healthy & strong! 


Sunday: 15 miles on the treadmill. Kept it easy on the treadmill since I had already gained a significant amount of elevation this past week and didn't want to set myself up for injuries (i.e. may have if I ran more elevation/hills)

Positive Splits:

  • Fit in 2 strength training sessions
  • Fit in my mileage
  • Focused on easy recovery paces!
  • Slept in almost every morning & made breakfast at home...that NEVER happens!

Negative Splits:

  • Nothing! Trying to keep things light and easy and not be too harsh on myself in regards to paces. 


MS Run The US Week 15 Training Rundown

Humpday! We're less than 50 days away from the start of my MS Run The US Relay Start line! AND less than 15 days away from the start of the Salt Lake City Marathon! Also I cannot believe that I failed to mention that we've officially entered into my Birthday month (it's on the 23rd). Although it will probably be gray/cloudy/rainy on my birthday, it's still one of my favorite days (I love holidays and birthdays) to celebrate another year of health, happiness, and achieving/setting goals. I also cannot believe I'm officially getting into my late 20's. Gosh. I feel old. As if logging into Facebook now and seeing names that I no longer know (because so many are married/ legally changed their last names) and so many baby photos didn't remind me! 


Anyways, I got completely off subject and now let's recap my last peak week before the SLC Marathon! I ran a total of 63 miles and got up exceptionally early (4am) every morning last week to fit my runs in and worked over 55 hours!! I'm honestly shocked that I made it through every workout and while I didn't *nail* my tempo run, I've learned that doing marathon-paced runs right at the beginning of the week isn't the best idea and will try mine this morning instead of bright and early on Mondays. I also managed to fit in a 20 mile long run (15 miles and then 5 miles later on) AND negative-split it. So that was really exciting for me! The runners high from that workout is still going strong 5+ days later.... ; )

 Foam rolling with kittens before 5am...that was least they're super cute...

Foam rolling with kittens before 5am...that was least they're super cute...

Monday: 1.5 mi warm-up; 10 miles @ goal marathon pace 8:20-8:35 (actual: 8:31); 1.5 mi cool-down -> 13 miles total


Tuesday: 8 miles easy @ 10:05 478' elevation gain + 15 minutes of strength


Wednesday: 1.6 mi warm-up; 3 x 2 mi repeats @ 8:00-8:10 (800m (0.5 mi) recovery between sets)--> splits: 8:07; 8:03; 8:10; 1.9 mile cool-down --> 11 miles total


Thursday: 8 miles easy @ 10:00 + 10 min strength


Friday: 15 miles long-slow pace (9:03-9:18 goal) + 5 miles long-slow pace (9:03-9:18 goal) later on at lunchtime. Splits looked like this: first 5 miles @ 9:45; next 5 miles @ 9:20ish; next 5 miles @ 9:00ish; last 5 miles @ 8:50ish --> first 15 miles avg @ 9:21; last 5 miles avg @ 8:51. Foam rolled/iced afterwards and really didn't feel sore at all.

Saturday: 30 minutes of strength/foam rolling & 3 miles easy @ 10:21

Sunday: Rest Day --> lots of foam rolling & legs up the wall! & tart cherry juice extract

Positive Splits:

  • Negative-split my long run (yes, negative splits here is a good thing!)
  • Still fit in 3 strength training sessions
  • Hit my splits on my speedwork session!
  • Fit in my mileage and focused on nutrition

Negative Splits:

  • Tempo run could've been better
  • Didn't fit in as *much* recovery items as I would have liked (epsom salt baths/ legs up the wall/ recovery yoga)

How's your training going?

One thing you splurged on last week? <-- finished the last 5 miles of my long run and got a chocolate shake from DQ. It was amazing. Also got in a nap in the afternoon before the ice show that night. Perfect afternoon ; )

Training Rundown Week 13-MS Run The US

As I was typing out the title, I was thinking how amazing it is that we (as runners) do something consistently for 13+ weeks? Isn't that kinda insane? I can't think of ANYTHING ELSE that I've consistently stuck with for 13 or more weeks without at least a bit of slack. Well, my friends. Last week, I decided to give myself some slack. I worked all weekend leading up to week 13 and ended up getting a sinus infection and starting on antibiotics on Wednesday. I knew by Tuesdays run (it was beautiful outside, I got 9+ hours of sleep, I had new 'kicks and sports bra and I seriously STRUGGLED. walked more than a few times during my 6.5 miles) that something definitely was wrong and it was more than just allergies. I took Wednesday completely off and ended up going to the doctors later in the day (still made it to Pilates though so that's a win) and began some antibiotics. I don't think I would have even remotely stopped working out or running a few years ago, had I felt crappy. There's something to be said for aging a few years and getting a different perspective. I'm no longer 'in a rush' to keep going and moving forward- just trying to do what I can and know that extra rest or recovery days also make us STRONGER! What's your thoughts on taking a few extra days off when you're not feeling so hot? I also had a pretty strong 18 mile long run on Saturday (focusing on distance; less on pace), so the extra rest days --> really paid off.

Screen Shot 2018-03-19 at 12.01.24 PM.png

MONDAY: 1.5 mi warm-up; 9 miles @ TM 8:20-8:35; 1.5 mi cool-down --> actual: 1.5 mi warm-up; struggled through 8.36 miles @ 8:38, no cool down. 9.86 miles total


TUESDAY: 8 miles easy --> actual: 6.5 miles complete struggle-fest. I think I averaged over 11:xx pace, but got new shoes so YAY!


WEDNESDAY: 45 minute Pilates class. rest day off of running

THURSDAY: rest day

FRIDAY: rest day

SATURDAY: 20 minutes of strength early AM & 18 miles long slow (slower than usual pace) 9:32 later in the morning

 Fuel for my run! Love the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars

Fuel for my run! Love the new Honey Stinger Snack Bars


SUNDAY: 8.66 mile easy recovery miles treadmill run


Positive Splits:

  • Took extra rest days --> #winning
  • Got caught up on much-needed sleep
  • Can't wait to kick running's butt next week
  • Kitten cuddle overload --> #doublewinning
  • 44 miles for the week- not terrible for taking 3 days off. 

Negative Splits:

  • Didn't fit in all my workouts or runs, but hey- I took rest days which is honestly a HUGE win for me
  • Nutrition wasn't great
  • Antibiotics suck. 
  • Running when sick is pretty crappy.
  • Not running is also pretty crappy. 
  • I hate sinus infections.

How was your week?

What do you do when you don't feel good or feeling like you need an extra rest/recovery day?


Training Rundown Week 8-MS Run The US

50 miles this week! I somehow always feel like it takes me a bit to adjust to running 50ish miles a week and then it becomes easy (ier). It's crazy to think that I'm now less than 100 days away from my MS Run The US start line AND less than 8 more weeks until the Salt Lake City Marathon! I was able to hit all of my paces this week and am feeling really strong. I shifted back to my early AM workouts and think that was a major difference in feeling more like myself and not so 'scatter-brained'/ in a funk!


Monday: 10 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 7 miles @ TM 8:20-8:35 (actual: 8:22); 1.5 cool-down. I love when I start getting to the point where I can hit my goal marathon pace without even looking at my watch every 2 seconds. 60 minute Yoga class after work!


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:43. I split this run up between teaching skating and did about a mile before with Stella and the remaining 5 afterwards solo. It's SO nice to run outside after work and have it still be light out.

Wednesday: 8 miles; 2.0 warm-up; 3 x 1600 @ 7:13 (actual: 7:08, 7:07, 7:05); 2.0 cool-down. I did this on the treadmill since it was cold out and I'm just not a fan of speedwork when it's chilly. 60 minute Pilates Jumpboard Reformer class at lunch.


Thursday: 6 miles easy @ 9:43. ~300' elevation gain. 

Friday: 10 miles easy @ 9:58. 600' elevation gain. 15 minutes of strength & stretching.


Saturday: 10 miles easy @ 10:52; 1, 392' elevation gain. Almost died on this one, but really glad I pushed through it!! SOOO much elevation gain and so hard. My legs were completely dead afterwards


Positive Splits:

  • Hit my paces in each workout
  • Got in 2 strength training sessions
  • Finally got to go to Yoga!
  • Foam rolled almost each night before bed...really helped me sleep well!

Negative Splits:

  • Nutrition wasn't the best this past week.
  • Easy runs (for the most part) were a bit fast

Training Rundown Week 7- MS Run The US

Happy Humpday! I cannot believe I'm already almost 2 full months into my training plan! It really flys by and next week I'll be LESS THAN 100 OUT from my May start line (and much sooner for my Salt Lake City Marathon). I honestly feel like January just came and went so quickly. I've been in a bit of a funk lately and so I switched up when I did each of my workouts last week and that REALLY helped. I ended up starting my week with some tempo miles and did my long run on Thursday afternoon/early evening. I really had an inkling to run long all day at work Thursday and had the perfect window to do it after I got out at 3:30!


Monday: 10 miles; 1.5 warm-up @ 10:00; 7 miles tempo 8:20-8:35 (actual: 8:27); 1.5 cool-down. Rocked it. Felt strong and pace never felt hard.


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:55. Split this run up between teaching skating in the afternoon. 2.6 miles with Stella; 45 minute break; 3.4 miles solo


Wednesday: 8 miles (actual: 7 miles); 1.5 warmup (.5 warm-up); 400, 800, 1200, 1600, 1200, 800, 400 (400R- all done @ 7:08-7:13 pace on the treadmill); 1.5 cool-down (.75 cool-down). I started and finished this run by 6:30 in the morning at the gym (had to be to work by 7) and felt really strong and was going to finish out and get that last ~1 mile later in the day, but I felt strong and was good with just leaving it as is. 60 minute Jumpboard Reformer at the Pilates studio over lunch


Thursday: 14 miles long slow 9:03-9:18; 14 miles (8.6 miles; 1 hour break; 5.4 miles on treadmill) @ 9:03 . Felt strong and a bit sore. Normally I try not to do two hard workouts back-to-back, but where my Wednes run was done by 6:30pm and this run didn't even start until after 3:30pm, I felt recovered and ready to run hard (knowing that I'd take the next few runs super easy)


Friday: Rest Day. Switched around my rest days again. I had a terrible day at work and was feeling a cold possibly coming on. Slept in and just focused on recovery.

Saturday: 8 miles @ 9:59 on the treadmill & 30 minutes strength (started a new strength training program)


Sunday: 7 miles @ 9:58 599' elevation gain


Positive Splits:

  • Hit all my workouts
  • Sleep was a priority this week
  • Foam rolled almost every night before bed
  • Took a few Epsom Salt baths to recover
  • Hit over 200 miles in January!

Negative Splits:

  • Was 2 miles short on weekly mileage goal
  • Didn't get in 3 strength sessions (only 2)
  • Still no yoga :( 

Happy Wednesday! How's your training going?!

Training Rundown- Week 6 MS Run The US

HUMPDAY! I am still re-adjusting to my running schedule and last week was a bit of a disaster in terms of half of my runs were on the treadmill and I had a hard time hitting my tempo pace on Wednesday. I still got my mileage in, but it was not pretty. OH WELL. Time to move on from it! 


MONDAY: 1.5 warm-up; 4 x 1200 @ 5:20; 1.5 cool-down (actual: 1.0 warm-up; 4 x 1200 (5:20, 5:20, 5:20, 5:20); 1.0 cool-down


TUESDAY: 6 miles easy on the treadmill @ 9:55

WEDNESDAY: 1.5 warm-up; 7 miles Tempo @ 8:20; 1.5 cool-down-> 10 miles total. This was hard on the treadmill and the gym that I was at in Denver just had a different vibe. Change is never easy folks. 


THURSDAY: 6 miles easy; (actual: 7 miles easy @ 9:40); Went a bit too fast on this one, but felt so good to run outside! 


FRIDAY: Rest Day. I was so exhausted from traveling and driving home on Thursday, that I decided to take the day off. 60 minute CoreReformer class at lunch.

Saturday: 10 miles easy @ 10:06 (actual: 10.25 1, 025' gain).


Sunday: 8 miles easy @ 9:54 with 627' gain


Positive Splits:

  • Hit my mileage
  • Hit my speed workout paces
  • Kept easy runs easy
  • Gained a significant amount of elevation

Negative Splits:

  • Tempo run was really hard and had to take a few breaks during it.
  • Just felt tired and over worked
  • Only one strength session fit in this week.

Training Rundown- Week 5 MS Run The US

Week 5 is done and gone! Last week went really well (for the most part). It has definitely been challenging to run and train during the month of January (normally I take this month off from any serious training programs and begin in mid-to-late February). I've also been working a BUNCH on the weekends and week nights teaching skiing, so that has not left a lot of room for any sort of flexibility. I got in 4 outdoor runs and 2 treadmill runs, so I'm pretty proud of that ratio and try to keep a few of my runs a week on the treadmill (just to keep my pace extra easy). I fit in 3 strength training sessions (including one Jumpboard Reformer Pilates class) and also was able to Epsom Salt soak twice/ foam roll a few times. I haven't gotten sick yet this year, so that is also a HUGE step in the right direction because normally this is where I start to get a week or two of a cold during marathon training as my body adapts. 

Monday: 7 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 6 x 1 km @ 4:24 (actual: 4:38*, 4:33*, 4:24, 4:24, 4:21, 4:20--> *done outside in single digit temps (too cold for me to do speedwork & did the remaining on the treadmill); .5 cool-down. I just became frustrated with this run (having to do some indoors & some outside) and ran out of time and just was ready to be done so cut it a mile short. Finished with 7 miles. 60 minutes of Jumpboard Pilates Reformer at lunch. Taught a ski lesson at tired!!


Tuesday: 6 miles easy @ 9:40 on the treadmill. Slept in a bit too much (thanks to the kittens for being WAY too cuddly) and had to go at a faster easy pace than I normally like to between my speed & tempo days. 

Wednesday: 9 miles; 1.5 warm-up; 6 miles @ tempo 8:35 (actual: 7:51? I think my garmin was off and thinking my pace was more around 8:05/8:10); 1.5 cool-down. 30 minutes of strength training afterwards. I waited to do this run in the afternoon when the sun was shining and temps were right around 30*. It was beautiful and gained 202', which was pretty good for a tempo run! Epsom salt bath to recover at the end of the day. I also saw a bald eagle during the start of my tempo run and this was so important to propel me forward because the day that my grandfather passed, I was out on a run and saw a bald eagle and decided that that was his spirit animal! It was so great to know that he was watching me run. 


Thursday: 7 miles easy @ 9:55 on the treadmill. Kept the pace easy and felt strong on my run. 


Friday: 12 miles @ 9:03-9:18 long-slow pace (actual: 9:08). Gained 266' during this run and started before 6am. It was SO cold and most everything I had ended up freezing, but I got it done! 

 Prep for my long run the night before! Getting up at 4:30 is definitely NEVER easy!

Prep for my long run the night before! Getting up at 4:30 is definitely NEVER easy!

Saturday: 6 miles easy


Sunday: Rest Day

Positive Splits:

  • Hit my long run pace
  • Hit my tempo pace
  • Fit in three strength training session
  • Fit in two epsom salt recovery baths
  • Foam rolled a bunch
  • Nutrition was pretty good & hydration was on point!

Negative Splits:

  • That speed workout was terrible. Total disaster!

Happy humpday! I hope your training is going well!