Feature Friday: Running Fog And 100 DAYS!

Happy Friday! What an insanely stressful week. Work for me is honestly so overwhelming that I don’t look forward to going in most days. I know it will pass, but wow does it make me even more grateful for my runs and time at home to relax. Also reading something funny like this really helps.


My runs have also felt just funky this week. Nothing bad (per se), just harder than normal. Which I know I’ve got to factor in the marathon/ ultra training fatigue, crazy amount of ice/ snow I’ve had to run through, and treadmill mental toughness I’ve also been faced with. I’ve got an easy 8 miles this morning on the treadmill (because running on the roads when it’s snowing is not something I do—> I think it’s too dangerous with cars potentially not seeing you/ going off the road trying to go around you/ snowplows) and then am so excited to get a massage this afternoon!

I’m trying to do more ‘pamper yourself’ things lately since I have been so stressed. They really have given me something to look forward to (besides my runs each day too)! Very grateful to be able to afford such luxuries at the moment. Also views like this on my run yesterday morning was pretty spectacular.


We’ve gotten SO MUCH SNOW lately and more is coming today/tonight. Trying to decide between hibernating tomorrow or going skiing? Hmmm…tough decisions living in such a beautiful place.


Stella has the puppy eyes down pat by now (she’s 10 yrs old), but she really took it to a new level last night. She hates ‘lying down’ when we’re eating, so this was a nice ‘half up/ half down’ compromise. Ha.


I also have a few random thoughts for you before the weekend begins:

I definitely need this right?! Looks SO GOOD!


Also we’re down to LESS THAN 100 DAYS!

  • I want everything from the new Spring Collection from Oiselle. Why couldn’t I just win the lottery?!


When’s your next race?!

Favorite way to ‘pamper yourself’?

Favorite way to de-stress?

Tips for getting out of a running fog?

Being Flexible, I Wish I Were Here, And Needing Travel!

Happy Friday! Welp. Yesterday’s run did NOT go initially as planned. You know how you sometimes just have a feeling that somethings off or you just get distracted a little too easily? Yeah. that was definitely my morning. I didn’t sleep super well because there’s a light outside of our condo that is supposed to be a sensor light, but instead of going off sometimes it just stays on all night (and proceeds to illuminate our entire room). Alex can honestly sleep through anything, but I need basically complete darkness! So needless to say, I was tired when my 4am alarm went off (as well as already partially awake) and then I just took forever to get ready for my run. I drank coffee, cuddled in my heated blanket, ate breakfast, did my strength work, contemplated where I should do my goal marathon paced miles, and before I knew it- Alex was awake and it was 5:45?!?


Yeah, I guess I got very easily distracted. I also should have stuck to my initial plan of leaving at 5am and doing my run on the treadmill.


I finally left our house around 6:15 and got into Steamboat where it was almost 20* COLDER than our home?!? AKA it was 4* and I was NOT wearing the right layers. I did one slow mile (sooo icy out!) and called it.


Luckily, I had a bit of flexibility in my day and decided to just do easy miles and will do my long run this morning (hopefully outside if it’s warm enough!- second week of back-to-back longish runs for my 50 miler training!) and do my goal paced miles on Sunday. It actually works out for the best because I was a bit concerned about getting in 8 miles Saturday morning before we left for our ski adventure and now I’ll have just 5 to get in instead (much more manageable!).

I’m glad I was so flexible about my schedule, but wow did some curveballs try to deter me from my run or what?!? Isn’t it funny how determined we (as runners are)? I know a lot of people who honestly would have just bagged their entire workout plans, but I’m glad that my stubbornness didn’t let me!

ALSO- I’m following along on all those RunDisney marathon weekend posts (and proceeding to be SO JEALOUS). Throwback to the time that I signed up for the Goofy Challenge and then ran 13.1 miles in the dark along a 3/4 mile strip on the road (finishing at 11:30pm) when the half marathon was cancelled due to crazy hurricane-like rain/wind/lightning! I will 100% do the Dopey Challenge someday. It’s on my bucketlist! Hmmm maybe a good ‘last hoorah’ before I turn 30 in 2020?!?


THIS VIEW was by far the best view I think I’ve ever had during any marathon. It was around mile 5? I think and so unbelievably beautiful before the sun came up. I want to go back just to experience it again (even though it was SO COLD and windy the entire race).


I’m super excited to travel somewhere tomorrow (other than Steamboat)- I feel like it’s really easy to get stuck here in town in the winter. It’s so much easier to travel in the Summer and everything just feels more accessible. I miss little things like a trip to Target or Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee or Trader Joes! I don’t think we’ll be driving by any of these things, but just going somewhere else is all I really need! Ohhh TBT to donuts after half marathons….yummm… Also almost complete committed to signing up for my goal half marathon here in CO- still trying to decide! Anyone else plan out their entire racing season like a year in advance?



Favorite post-race treat?

Are you flexible with your training plans or like to stick to a strict schedule?

Anyone racing Disney or do you also wish you were there?1?

Feature Friday: 21 Questions I Need Answered & Another Book Review!

Wohooo it’s Friday! What a long short-week I had at work. It’s been so nice to be able to get out on my lunch break to run in the sunshine (also because it’s been way too cold to run in the early mornings) . Yesterday’s 8 miles were lovely and I’m excited to do my first ‘back to back’ longish runs today! I’ve got 12-14 miles on the schedule and will hopefully be able to run outside since it’s supposed to be a low of 10* I think? 


I’m focusing on really slowing down for my easy runs, but still getting in those hills! I climbed 500’ yesterday, but hoping to get in a bit more today!  


I thought it would be fun to list out 24 questions that I’ll answer, but I’d also love to have you answer too!  

  • Where were you born? North Conway, NH 
  • How old are you? 28
  • Favorite day of the week? Wednesday’s  
  • Favorite ‘splurge’ after a running race? A burger & sweet potato fries!  
  • Favorite thing to do when tapering? Mani/ Pedi
  • Favorite food? Any type of pasta & fresh rolls
  • Favorite dessert? Tiramisu  
  • Ocean or lake? Ocean, but I also love lake houses!  
  • Mountains or beach? Mountains
  • Favorite color? Buttercream yellow
  • Favorite smell? Freshly roasted coffee
  • Last meal on Earth? Napolian Pizza fresh in Italy  
  • Favorite place you’ve traveled to? Either Yosemite or Italy!  
  • Favorite season? Fall
  • Favorite TV show? Gilmore Girls  
  • Favorite movie? Miracle
  • Last best book you’ve read? Shoe Dog by Phil Knight
  • Favorite book? Marathon Woman by Kathrine Switzer
  • Best song ever? Dreams by Fleetwood Mac
  • Trails or Road? Trails!  
  • Your favorite place to relax? In my heated blanket or outside on the trails far away from civilization  





I’ve got another book review! I loved this book by Becky Wade! She describes her year of travel to various running communities throughout the world. I loved how she described each running culture & how different they all were. It’s a fun and quick read, but I really felt like I got to know the runners along the way. Definitely a great read for anyone who loves to travel and run! 


Give ME your 21 question answers!  

Feature Friday: An Ode To Running In The Cold

Happy Friday! Finally. This week has definitely dragged on and I’m ready for the weekend! We may try to go skiing at Winter Park tomorrow (I’ve never been there!), but still waiting to see how Alex’s back is feeling (it’s been bothering him since last weekend, nothing too serious but obviously still painful). I have some easy miles on the schedule this weekend, but otherwise nothing too crazy to do! Maybe also making some chex mix because I’ve been craving it! I’m hiking up the ski mountain this morning to get in some awesome cross training and fun (more-so on the ski down the mountain! ; ) ….). I also stayed up super late last night to finish my library book (I had 80 pages left and can’t renew it again at the library)- totally worth it because it finally started to get REALLY good.


Flashback to yesterday mornings’ very early strength & 7 mile run on the treadmill. I used to go to the gym EVERY morning Mon-Friday for so many years and then switched up my schedule since the MS Run The US relay last Spring. It was a really nice change, but I also really missed waking up early and seeing my “gym people”! Anyone else feel this way or just me?


Since it has been SO cold here (3* yesterday morning at 8am?!?), I thought I’d give you a nice little breakdown of how running in the cold feels for me. I’d love to know your thoughts on winter running in the comments below too!


Pre-Run: Time to brace yourself for the cold. Break out all those layers. Pop in some hand and foot warmers. Fill those water bottles up with hot water so they are less-likely to freeze. Go pee before adding on all those layers because there’s no way you’re going to peel them off until after you’re done. You’re on lockdown at this point. There’s no turning back- time to head out into the cold.


Early Miles: Yeah, this isn’t so bad. So glad I added on that fourth down layer. I feel pretty great. I can’t believe I thought this run would suck. *slips on hidden black ice* Ok, don’t get ahead of yourself. Careful, carefullll…. Maybe I should slow my pace down a bit, how fast am I going anyways (looks at watch in utter-debelief. Wow, I thought I was going really fast, but actually I don’t remember ever going this slow)?!?


Later Miles: Wow I am seriously SWEATING! Whose idea was it to wear all these layers anyways?!? I’m so glad that this run has taken twice as long as I was anticipating because otherwise my lashes wouldn’t be frozen and I would still be able to feel my fingers and toes. Are my legs still even moving? Am I ever going to reach home?!?

Post- run: I’m hot, but I’m cold. I can’t wait to officially burn my skin off in a steaming hot shower. Also where is the hot cocoa?! *looks outside* wow it really is coming down out there! Who in their right mind would ever brave those elements?!? Oh right, me!


Do you ever stay up way too late to read a good book?

Thoughts on winter running?

Going to the gym- love it, hate it, or tolerate it?

Three things you’re doing this weekend? —-> definitely skiing somewhere, baking something, consuming ample amount of hot cocoa, and making homemade pizza tonight!

Feature Friday: Checking In On Your Monthly Goals

Happy Friday! Last day of November! How are you spending it?!? It’s been the craziest week at work (normally the week after Black Friday is…) and I’m more-than-ready for the weekend. Also cannot wait to pick up our Christmas tree! I’m so happy that running is back in my life and while my mileage is low, it feels so good to just get in a few miles most days during the week. Anyone else put up their Christmas tree yet?!?

Let’s check back on my November goals before setting new ones for December:

November Goals:

  • Purchase only needs not wants- Basically check. This is MUCH harder to do when you go on Vacation, but I really didn’t purchase anything crazy!

  • Learn how to crochet- Done!

  • Hold a plank for 4 minutes

  • Cook Thanksgiving dinner!- Check!

  • Yoga 1x/ week- Almost check. During the first two weeks leading up to the race (and being sick) didn’t have as much yoga as I would have liked (i.e. none…)

  • Take 2 FULL WEEKS OFF from running after the race in Vegas -CHECK!

  • Make a recipe from scratch- nope. but I DID cook a Turkey so that totally counts for something.

Overall, I really did great in November. Going into the end of the year, I always feel like it’s more challenging to stay accountable with your goals so happy to have hit most of them. Also feeling really excited that I’ve stuck with my end-of-the-month checkins and working towards my 2018 goals! This is the first time that I’ve ever held myself accountable for what I wanted to work on for the year and really felt like each month I was making it happen.

December goals:

  • Stay present in the moment more

  • Read 1 book

  • Purchase only needs, not wants

  • Yoga 1x / week

  • Go skiing at a new-to-me mountain

  • Skin up the mountain twice

  • Make a snowman


Do you have your Christmas tree up?

Favorite Holiday cookie recipes- share them with me!

Three things you’re doing this weekend?