Lessons Learned: Sixth Marathon

After getting a big PR during my fifth marathon, I was hopeful going into my sixth that maybe I could break that elusive 3:50 mark on 26.2. I also had another goal during this race: not get injured. I was using it towards training for MS Run The US Relay the following month. This was also my hilliest marathon to date. I came across the finish line really proud of my race and my effort. I also felt extremely fit for this race (fit enough to drive 5+ hours home post-26.2 . ha. NOT recommended).

I learned that when you work really hard on something, it will pay off. Training on hills through the winter also really paid off for this hilly race.

Find your fuel. I ended up switching-up how often I had my gels and that made a big difference for me come race day.

Don’t be scared to cut-back your mileage if you’re injured. I ended up going to PT during the last few weeks before my marathon because I was having some knee pain (actually stems from tight hips). I scraped some runs, but showed up to the start line healthy.

This was the first marathon where I finished and still had gas left in the tank -> the most amazing feeling ever.

Also another amazing feeling? Passing people in those later miles of the race. I wish I had remembered this lesson during my next 26.2, but alas there’s always new things to learn!

Switching up your sneakers during training runs = necessary. I think I rotated between 3 or 4 pairs and it helped a lot.

Don’t be afraid to change around your training runs or break up your longer runs. I did my last 20 mile run as two shortened runs. It’s not the best practice for someones first or second or third marathon (I truly believe in the power of training your mind/body to be on your feet for long periods of time), but this wasn’t my first rodeo ; )



What are some ways you’ve switched up training runs on the schedule?

Ever ran a hilly race? How’d it go?