First Semester: Nursing School Recap

I have no photos from my first semester because, well, because it was REALLY busy. My first round of classes took place over the Summer semester and most of my classes were 7 or 10 weeks long. I took a total of 8 classes from May-August.

The classes that I took included: Introduction to Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing, Fundamentals of Nursing Lab, Nursing Health Assessment, Nursing Health Assessment Lab, Pathophysiology, Pharmacology, and Nutrition.

My favorite class? Either Fundamentals of Nursing Lab or Nursing Health Assessment Lab. I really enjoyed the hands-on aspects of it and felt like I could apply those things that I learned in lecture.

My least favorite class? Pharmacology. Mainly because it was conducted online and this was a really challenging class to do things ‘on the computer’. I ended up watching a lot of videos and memorizing things.

What I learned most? How to critical think again and how crazy smart Nurses are.

What I wish I did more of? Took classes over a longer period of time. Covering 3 or 4 chapters in a week for one class was typical. Just when I thought I was learning the material, we moved on to something else!

What I’m most excited for in the future? Excited/scared to be taking all that I learned over the summer and applying them to our in-hospital clinical experiences! YIKES.