Product Review: OOFOS Project Pink Sport Sandal

Disclaimer: I was given a pair of OOFOS project pink sport sandal from being a Bib Rave Pro in exchange for my honest review.

OK. So you all know that I’m a HUGE OOFOS fan. I wear them all around the house instead of slippers, have a pair to wear outside, and then have my beloved slides to wear when out and about town. I believe that they are an AMAZING company and have 100% helped me get through my previous bouts of Plantar Fasciitis.


One thing that I had been wanting for a while now was a pair of sandals that I could wear with socks in the house. I love my slippers in the winter time, but they never give me enough support. SO, I was super excited to hear that Bib Rave was teaming up with Oofos and these beauties were the sandals for the promotion.


I also really really love that they are giving back with each purchase of a pair of these sandals. They are donating $10 for every pair of Project Pink sandals purchased to Dana Farber Breast Cancer Research.


I only stand by companies that have a great mission and give back and this is a company that I will continue to support. I have five pairs of Oofos and while I love them all, I really REALLY love the sleek look of the black of these and the ability to sport them with socks. I know it sounds weird, but I really need some good support post-long runs and these give me all the support and more.


My only request for this company? Is to make some closed-toe shoes for me to wear at the hospital! I always refer anyone having foot problems to snag a pair of Oofos - they have definitely changed how I walk (they have the craziest amount of support in all the right places), how I view recovery, and helped get me to so many race finish lines! I will ALWAYS pack a post-race bag now and make sure that I have my oofos because they really are that great.

If you aren’t a fan of Oofos, then make sure to go grab yourself a pair and bonus: remember that you can also help give back to Breast Cancer research just by shopping on their website! (maybe go try some on at a store near you and then grab yourself a pair on their website to make sure that your $ gets donated to the Dana Farber Cancer Research!).