7 Things

Happy Monday! This weekend FLEW by for me and I have a feeling that this week will go by just as fast for me. My schedule is pretty packed these days and I’m VERY thankful when I’m able to get out for my runs because it really is just 'ME’ time. I don’t have to think about anything else or anyone else and can just let my mind wander (which is much needed considering how I had my first exam of the semester yesterday)! The cats were no help to my at-home exam.


I’ve also become very good at consuming caffeine at the early afternoon. I know, I know I shouldn’t be doing it, but my Tuesdays are crazy-busy and with normally 5 hours of sleep from the night before and working at the hospital for 8.5 hours -> necessary. I’ve also gotten very good at doing my schoolwork just about anywhere. Ha. Outside the ice rink? No problem. High Schoolers blaring their hip hop music in the background? Easy to still focus.


Very thankful for our kitties who make me laugh everyday.


Saturday mornings 7 miler before the half marathon came with a stunning sunrise. It’s funny how I always have trouble actually GETTING OUT of bed, but never ever regret when I am out there early. It’s my favorite time of day.


The race started later than most (9am!), so I didn’t have to get up super early to get in my “warmup” miles. It was also so HOT during the race (we’re back to Summer here with 88* as the high on Saturday). I’ll have my race recap up on the blog for you tomorrow!


Post 20 mile run, we took my Gram mini-golfing for her first time EVER! This course at Pirate’s Cove was crazy-hard and I only managed one hole-in-one?!?


And we closed out the weekend with Brady chasing a bee outside the porch windows.



Anyone else love to mini-golf?

Favorite time for a race to start? -> I really love a 7am start (especially for the marathon)! It feels amazing to be done in time to still catch a good breakfast!

Anyone else an afternoon caffeine consumer?