Life Updates Lately

Happy Hump Day! This was the post where I meant for it to come out on Monday and then I thought I could DEFINITELY get it out by Tuesday and well… here we are on Wednesday and it’s finally happening! Life has been super crazy lately which is honestly surprising because I had an entire week ‘off’ from school work; I had grand plans of getting so much done on my blog (revamping it, lots of posts), but in actuality things take way more TIME than I ever imagined! Chores, running, training, etc. I still hope get some more work done here on the blog within the next few days, but who knows! Sometimes life is funny like that- your priorities shift all at once and sometimes they really put things into perspective. SO let’s catch up shall we?

I’m still in marathon training mode for my next upcoming races (find them HERE!) and am feeling all sorts of inspiration from previous podcasts that I’ve listened to from kick-a$$ guests and just feeling like my fitness may be finally coming together (thanks to those cooler temperatures). Don’t get me wrong, it’s still really HARD to train for any race distance, but I’m kinda sorta loving it.


I’m also really really loving slower mornings with some coffee and my NEED Mt. Washington Road Race fleece blanket (they give each of the finishers one of these when they cross that line!).


I’m also really loving on this guy lately. He cuddles with me so often (especially at night) and it’s super hard when I have to leave for the day to go to work or school.


I’m also really into Home Projects lately! I redid an old window and turned it into a chalkboard. We used spraypaint chalk and then sanded and painted the trim with paint that we had used on other projects. It came out looking much better than I imagined and was also quite a bit easier to make than I imagined!


I also began biking a few weeks ago! I’m by no means an expert, but there’s something really exhilarating about being able to go farther and faster than I can if I’m running!


I’m trying to get in as much reading this week as I can and snagged these two from the library (bonus: I can now ride my bike to the library!).


I’m also really enjoying being able to run along the Ocean (it’s right down the street from where I take my classes!). There’s something so soothing about that Ocean breeze and dirt-packed trails.


Also really into Oatmeal again (I think that’s because it’s starting to feel a bit ‘Fall-like’ outside). I love customizing the Quick Rolled Oats in the mornings to whatever I’m feeling. Sometimes I throw in beet powder and cocao, other times I throw in peanut butter and maple syrup!



Are you training for anything right now?

Favorite Fall foods?

Anyone else into ‘do-it-yourself’ projects?!? Send some ideas my way!