Hello! I’m still here and busier than ever. I’m currently relating my schoolwork to ‘triage’. I’m only focusing on the immediate tasks at hand because if I focus on the larger picture, then I get REAL overwhelmed. Going back to school is TOUGH as an adult. Studying for exams, so many readings, MATH again…it’s crazy. I had my first exam on Wednesday and I learned A LOT about what I need to focus on for the upcoming weeks and I’m already learning so much (benefits of being in an accelerated program like mine). So, most of my views lately have been something like this:


Extra sugar, studying at 9pm at night (my usual bedtime), and something light like McDreamy-day Grey’s. Also Alex and Stella arrived here Wednesday afternoon (YAY), so on top of all of the studying and schoolwork and figuring out my finances and trying to assimilate to a new area, we’ve also been UNPACKING.


We unpacked the kitchen and living room items yesterday so at least that’s done. Most of our clothes are still in suitcases, I’m still wearing clothes that were in this house when I went to HIGH SCHOOL, and we’re carrying 5+ bags of trash to the dump every trip. BUT we’re here, we’re so happy, and I’m just trying to really savor those moments of peacefulness/I don’t-need-to-do-anything-right-at-this-very-second moments <—- keeping me sane. OH! I also went on two runs this week. One on Wednesday morning along the Back Cove in Portland (ran from campus) and one this morning. Both easy 30 minutes with minimal hills and conservative paces. I’m just running when I can and when I want to and putting 0 pressure on myself <—- haven’t done THAT in a while!


My hope is to still post 5 days a week (Monday-Friday), BUT until I get on a schedule and figure other life-things out I’m not so sure that’s realistic. SO hopefully I’ll be back here again on Monday, but if not I’ll be back real soon ; )


-How do you ‘triage’ when life gets real crazy?

-Favorite Trader Joe’s sweet thing?!?