Happy Monday! I can’t believe we’re already into June?!? May flew by, but I’m hoping that June goes by slower! I’ve got my first exam on Wednesday and Alex should be arriving on Thursday I think! I’m so excited to see him & Stella. It’s been almost a month and while it’s gone by really fast, I’ve still missed them and so excited to begin this next chapter of our lives together!  


Let’s flashback to Friday night—> I spent it gardening (until 8:30 at night!?!?) and I was SO SORE the next day. Landscapers- you have my utmost respect because it was HARD work & you all also must be jacked 💪🏻


Also got a bunch of flowers on sale at Home Depot! SO nice to live so close to things like this again! Some bundles of 8 were only $1! 


Did a bunch of studying Friday & Saturday as well! Brady’s not a fan. 


Did a lot of cleaning & organizing to get ready for Alex and all of our things to arrive! Brady was very happy I cleaned off this chair 🤣


Watched my mom kick butt at her Sprint Triathlon Saturday morning! It was SO chilly at the start (around 50*) -I have no idea how they were in this water?!


Went to Sherman’s Farm for ice cream & some fresh produce Sunday afternoon. Going to try to cook some fiddleheads as well—> anyone have any good recipes to cook them?!? Also local friends/ if you visit Mt Washington Valley area—> you must visit here! 



Favorite ice cream flavor?!? I got Black Raspberry! 

Gardening- anyone else really find it relaxing?! 

Fiddlehead lovers- recipes?!?