50 Miler Training RUNdown 5/5-5/12, I Need Your TIPS!

Happy Weekend! I wanted to make sure to share with you last weeks training recap since it was my last training week in Colorado (and last higher mileage until 50 miles)! I’m full into the taper now and am starting to put together my ‘packing list’ for race day- anyone have any tips or suggestions on what to pack?!? I know I want to switch shoes at every 25k (where I will meet my crew) and food-staples, but otherwise not so sure. Sunscreen, bug spray, tums, ginger ale - what are your favorites?!?

Monday, 5/6: 22.01 miles easy @ 12:19 1, 333’ & Strength


Tuesday, 5/7: 12 miles easy 1, 219’ up


Wednesday, 5/8: 8 miles easy 10:46 715’ up & strength

A whole ‘lotta R & R too!

A whole ‘lotta R & R too!

Thursday, 5/9: Last Hill Repeats! 15 min w/u / 1 min, 3 min, 5 min, 7 min, 5 min, 3 min, 1 min (1/2 time recovery), cool down until I hit 10 miles 10:10 pace 1,430’ up. This felt real good and it was fun to see a below 8 minute pace on some of the uphill sprints. Nothing makes you feel more bada** (in my opinion), than climbing some hills!


Friday, 5/10: 5.01 miles easy 9:45 98’ up. I was having some major pre-travel anxiety and NEEDED this run so much. I have never not felt better after running. When all else fails, RUN.


Saturday, 5/11: Rest Day! Travel day. We drove from Colorado to somewhere in Nebraska!

Sunday, 5/12: Rest Day. Travel day # 2. We drove from middle of Nebraska to just outside of Chicago!

Total Mileage: 57 miles

Total Elevation: 4, 797’ up