That was interesting..., I wish I could do this too, & 1 more day!

I slept in this morning (unintentionally). I just somehow kept hitting snooze on my 3 alarms that I had set?!? Idk. When Alex travels for work, my entire schedule is complete thrown off wack. Thankfully, he comes back tomorrow and can help take care of the furry beasts again. This one has been extremely naughty this week (i.e. another reason why I was running late this morning —> he spilled my honey/banana/peanut butter toast on the floor.). Oy.


Stella has, however, very much enjoying all the extra attention I’ve been giving her this week. I too wish that I could do a face-plant into an Almond Butter jar.


I’m also really not sure how one gets comfortable in a position like this, but Stella does it so well. Don’t judge her on those crooked teeth…


Another Stella stalking-food because honestly that’s basically all she does and she somehow always looks incredibly cute while doing so. Also: photo was of my lunch yesterday. Homemade Chicken Soup (with chicken thigh meat) for the win!


I almost didn’t get my run in this morning, but thankfully I persevered. It was a total off-morning (I forget my headphones & any sort of fuel at home), but still managed to fit in my entire run with 10 middle miles at goal marathon effort.


I also have trouble finding flat places to run here for that long of a distance that ISN’T the treadmill. I’m happy to report that those middle miles were almost all uphill (ha), but it helped get me stronger so there’s that.



Do you have a favorite route that you do your speed work?

Weirdest thing your animal did this week?

One thing you’re looking forward to this weekend? —> Coffee in the mornings and reading.