Last day as a 28 year old!!

THE BEST IS YET TO COME! Saw this article on Runner’s World by Kiera Carter and got SO excited. I’ll continue to plug away at the slow-twitch muscle fibers and believe that the sky is the limit, because that’s basically the point of this article ; )

Even though I don’t leave until Friday for Eugene, my mind is already focusing on all that vacation time. My mom is meeting me in Portland and then we’re driving down to Eugene Saturday morning. We have a tiny house all picked out for Sat & Sun night and then are heading up the coast of Oregon, so hoping for a few nice beach days! Can’t forget to pack my swimsuit!!


Easy Friday night dinner- appetizer platter!  


Just doing my usual taper things- cleaning out the fridge 🤣 


60 degrees out on Saturday called for some ice cream! First one this year 😋 


Sunday morning breakfast & a running rest day.  


Marathon taper + Rest day = extra time to read and sip some coffee ☕️  



Favorite type of ice cream cone?  

Best way to spend a rest day?  

3 things you did this weekend?