Training Tuesday: My Favorite MANTRAS When Things Get Tough!

When I’m running a marathon or doing a really TOUGH speedworkout/ marathon-paced miles- I truly rely on mantras. Words/ Phrases/ Thoughts that I come back to that make me feel tough and fierce. I’m continuing to work on my mental stamina (you NEED to practice it if you want it to show up on race day) and have found that the marathon-paced miles are the best time to do so. I rely on those workouts to get me out of any funks I’m feeling and internally own my run so I can outwardly project it come race day. Anytime that I can remind myself how grateful and lucky I am to be able to push my body to its limits and get stronger —> I take it.


Here are some of my favorite mantras that get me going and help me ‘refocus’ when my mind begins to get bogged down with negative thoughts:

Dig Deep.

Grateful and strong.

You got this.

Believe and Achieve.

Attitude of Gratitude.

You are tough.

Prove them wrong.


I want to know what YOUR favorite mantras/ words/ phrases are when things get tough!