Weekend Recap

Happy Monday & happy recovery week to me! I ran 58.5 miles last week over 5 days, so I took both Saturday & Sunday off of running (I normally stick to ~10% increase in mileage per week) to not increase my weekly mileage too much. I really didn’t feel too sore or tired (yet-it could still be coming!), but I have been so hungry! I think I’ve averaged something like 5 meals per day ha. So forgive me if there are too many food photos in here! 

Flashback to Friday mornings 9.37 mile run in a blizzard (it definitely was NOT supposed to snow?!?)  


Saturday I was supposed to teach skiing, but they ended up not needing me so I took advantage and completely lounged in the afternoon. I watched Gilmore Girls, ate candy while reading, did my nails, watched the Syracuse Men’s Basketball game (they ALMOST won!!) 


Made homemade Chicken Pot Pie (yum! ) Pinterest win!  


Went snowshoeing on Sunday


Took Brady outside to explore the snow. He wasn’t overly impressed, but he was happy with how this photo turned out.  


Family afternoon cuddles under blankets while reading. I also got in a bunch of stretching & strength.  


Then I taught skating and got to bed by 8:30!  



Whats your favorite candy? I tried Red Vines this weekend and wasn’t overly impressed  

How was your weekend?!? 

Favorite comfort food?