Feature Friday: Still Me By Jojo Moyes Book Review

Happy Friday! Finally we made it to Friday and hopefully I’m out there crushing my first 20 miler this training cycle this morning (outside)! I’ve powered through this crazy hectic week and on Sunday, I cannot wait to just sleep in, put my legs up, and not have any early morning obligations to tend to! I also finished my 4th book of 2019, Still Me By Jojo Moyes this last week.

While I’m much-more of a non-fictional type of reader, I really enjoyed this one! It had more depth than other fiction novels that I’ve picked up recently. It’s light-hearted and I honestly had no idea that it was part of trilogy series! I will absolutely be picking up her other books because I fell in love with the main character as she stumbles through life in NYC as a caretaker for an Upper East Side power-couple. Her viewpoints of her situation (and also those who have an obscene amount of money) made her super relatable and I could totally see a lot of my younger-self in her (she’s still trying to figure things out and what her passion in life is)!

It wasn’t what I would consider a “breeze through read” either, which I appreciated. I think that there’s a time and a place for those types of books (aka a beach), but this one had enough substance to it, then it made for a great read at the end of the night (and then also the next day because I was so engrossed with the storyline). I’d love to hear if anyone else has read this series or any of Moyes books? Which one should I pick up next and are they all equally fantastic?


Three things you’re doing this weekend? —> sleeping in on Sunday, baking something delicious, finalizing plans for another ski trip!