Eugene Marathon/ 50 Miler RUNdown Week 8: 2/11-2/17

Happy Humpday! I’ve got my speedwork on the treadmill this morning, then hoping to get in the rest of my runs this week outside (if the weather cooperates!). How’s the weather where you are? I have no energy left to continue to dress in a million layers, with my spikes outside anymore. I’m perfectly content with just holing up on the treadmill and catching up on shows at the moment. I really do miss those perfect running temps and none-slippery surfaces though….


I ran 50 miles again last week and this is my last week before I have a cut-back recovery week! Yay! I’m feeling strong, focusing on getting a bunch of sleep, and refueling with GOOD nutrients!

Monday, 2/11: 5.3 miles easy at 11:20 851’ up & yoga to recover


Tuesday, 2/12: planned 7 miles @ tempo, but plantar fasciitis was not having it so cut it after 4.5 miles and got in extra strength.


Wednesday, 2/13: 6.15 miles easy @ 9:35 322’ up / yoga. Followed by the best dessert out there. Popcorn & Justin’s Dark Chocolate PB Cups.


Thursday, 2/14: Rest day! Went skiing!

Friday, 2/16: 14 miles split into 2 runs (7.3 miles in the AM / 6.75 miles in the afternoon/ strength to recover). I wanted to get it in all in the AM, but had the kitties vet appointment and ya know- life happens! So I adjusted and got it into two runs. Total elevation gain was over 1, 500’. Also YAY for muddy un-covered legs. Even though it was only one day, I know that spring is just around the corner!


Saturday, 2/17: 12 miles easy @ 10:02 pace with 150’ up. Another blizzard, another treadmill.


Sunday, 2/18: 8 miles with 1.5 warm-up / 3 x 1 miles (7:24 / 7:11 / 6:58) with .37 recovery between sets then 2 x 1 mi @ 5% incline at 8:48 pace? / then cool down until I hit 8 miles. Felt incredibly strong and I think I could have gone faster on those mile repeats, but happy with the results! 15 minutes of strength beforehand.


Total Mileage: 50.01 miles

Total Elevation gain: 2, 823’ up