(Long) Weekend Recap

Happy Monday! How was your weekend?! Unfortunately we didn’t make it our yurt this past weekend because it was a crazy windy (90mph!!) blizzard! We DID get to go skiing so that was still pretty fun :) 


Friday I took the kitties to their 1 year shots & check-up. Brady was quite happy that they had a sink for him to lay in the whole time.  


It was also FORTY DEGREES OUT ON FRIDAY?!?! I was pressed for time, so had to split up my 14 mile run into 2 runs, but it’s all good because I got to wear capris and be covered in mud!  


I’m really focusing on recovery this week, so it was an Gilmore Girls/ refueling/ strength training post-run.  


And then the weather took a turn for COLD until the foreseeable future, so it looks like I’ll be running indoors this week. This is a really busy week both life & running wise for me (first 20 miler of the training cycle coming up on Friday!!) , so I only have time to get it in early in the morning (when it’s supposed to be in the negatives) . More views like this for the week,  


Also had the pulled pork (slow cooker) with purple cabbage slaw from Run Fast Cook Fast Eat Slow on Saturday night and it was amazing!! Cannot recommend it enough.  


Stella was also intrigued.  


Have a great Monday!