Weekend Recap & Ever Feel This Way?

You know those days where you feel completely in-control and ready to tackle the world? Also, do you know those days where you’re like oh crap how am I going to tackle this?! Yeah. last night was kinda the latter. One of the things that really helps me when I feel this way is journaling, meditating, or just taking a brain break (reading/ cuddling with the cats/ watching a show that will de-stress me etc.). That’s why I love this blog because it gives me the opportunity to write out my thoughts. Sometimes I’m able to come up with a solution and other times, I decide that it isn’t really worth my time to find a solution and just move on (something that used to be really hard for me to do in the past!). Also seeing these faces certainly helps too ; )


Flashback to Friday night’s dinner. Homemade pizza with this Sourdough crust is SO good! PS we added more cheese after the photo because cheese is the best.


Current favorite dessert. Popcorn & Justin’s Dark Chocolate Mini PB Cups.


Saturday morning, we headed up Rabbit Ears and went show shoeing! It’s such a great way to cross train for those trail runs I’ll be doing later in the Spring and it’s so beautiful out there with the fresh snow.


Stella loves to eat anything….even snow.


Alex’s head looks very similar to a target here. It’s also really impressive how he can crouch down like that. Talk about being flexible.


In the afternoon, I took advantage of the 30* weather (it unfortunately was cloudy and not so sunny anymore, but still warmer than we’ve had!) and explored a different part of our neighborhood. I had 4 miles on the schedule and got to 4.1 and decided to walk the remaining 1/2 mile home rather than run extra. it’s been nice to not be on such a rigid schedule and listening to my body a bit more.


Made this recipe for dinner Saturday night. So so so delicious and so many leftovers!


Also finished another book. I also really love when you get to the last three pages of a book and find that they’ve been cut in half.


Favorite winter activity?

Send me your favorite Pinterest dinner recipe!

Favorite pizza toppings?