Weekend recap!

Well we’re back to Monday. How was your weekend?!? I’ve been excited for this week for awhile because it’s a cut-back one in terms of mileage! I have 2 workouts on tap and then the rest are either easy miles , rest, or cross training. I’m taking this week to get ample amounts of rest (SLEEP!) and enjoying the downtime. Today’s a cross training day and I’m excited to get in 45 minutes of swimming! So happy to have an outdoor heated pool to enjoy.  


Let’s flashback to Friday night where I watched the Ladies US Figure Skating National championships! With a side of Sour Patch Kids obviously ;) Also just noticed that the tv has hockey on, but don’t be fooled- I WAS watching figure skating! Ha. 


We’ve also gotten 48” of snow in the past 7 days?!? So we took advantage of it and hiked up our (unestablished) ski mountain, then skied down.  


Stella had a ton of fun too.  


Shepard’s Pie (Cooked by Alex) for dinner. Yum!  


Then a long run on Sunday on very tired legs. 


Fueled by some slow cooker chicken corn & potato chowder. Yum!  



Any snow where you are?!? 

Favorite way to refuel after a winter run?  

Favorite sour candy?