Training Tuesday: Sharing My Strength Training Routine!

Happy Tuesday! I’ve been wanting to share with you for a while now my current strength training routine and now I finally am! I switch up my strength training exercises every 6-8 weeks and increase my reps that I do every 2 weeks, so I can continually get stronger (you body eventually adapts to the strength training exercises that you do if you continually do them no matter how many more reps/weights you add on). I’ve honestly noticed a HUGE difference in my overall strength and mobility now that I’ve started keeping track of when I need to change up my exercises (I started doing this seriously in July 2018). I will sometimes use old exercises I’ve done when creating a new routine/ use ones I’ve found in Magazines, online, instagram, etc. / or come up with some of my own.

Here’s a full breakdown of my exercises and then below I’ve got a full video for you. I’ve just started doing 3 rounds of each exercises (previously did 2 rounds of 12 and then began with 2 rounds of 10) and will build up to doing 3 rounds of 15 of each exercises before introducing a new strength training routine. I love ones that work on multiple muscle groups at once, especially if they challenge my balance or work on my running form as well.


Here is the video if you’re wondering what some of these exercises are. I meant to do them in order of the sheet, but I forgot so feel free to reach out to me if you’re wondering what one specific exercise looks like. I didn’t show wall squats in the video, but figured most people know what those are/ I was limited in the space that I had to shoot the video too ; )

I’ve got some 1k (~.62 mi) repeats this morning on the treadmill & some strength as well (I’m doing my hard days hard- i.e. strength & challenging workouts, so I can take my easy days super easy). Wish me luck!


How often do you change up your strength training routine?

What are some of your favorite strength exercises?!?

Favorite speed workout distance? —> 800s I think? Anything shorter feels really fast and anything longer just feels really long!