Weekend Recap

There was really only one theme this weekend and it was: SNOW. So. much. snow. I love snow (I mean why else would I be living in the mountains?!?), but when you have to commute in it- it’s not as enjoyable (…for me anyways). Our typical 30 minute drive takes upwards of almost an hour when it’s snowing and Friday morning- it was basically a blizzard out there. This was the view when I got to the gym (this is normally a sidewalk…).


And this is how much snow we had gotten from Thursday night to Friday afternoon when I got home from work:


Saturday was filled with mainly hibernating. I read most of the rest of my book (full book review coming out on Friday!), did a bunch of cooking, and then went out for a snowy/icy run!


It finally stopped snowing sometime after dark Friday evening, so my easy 6 miles on Saturday was mainly just icy (I used my spikes) and snow packed. I also am still working on really slowing down my easy pace and I think it’s finally paying off! My average heart rate on my run yesterday was 137, BUT I also gained over 860’ in elevation in 6.02 miles.


I also did some yoga after my run to stretch out, then enjoyed a nice little appetizer platter for my lunch :) Anyone else love these?!?


Sunday was spent getting ready for the week ahead (I lay out my clothes for the week), reading, blogging!, 6 miles at goal marathon effort, and teaching skating.


Favorite things to put on an appetizer platter?

Snow- yay or nay?

DRIVING in the snow- yay or nay?