Feature Friday: Running Fog And 100 DAYS!

Happy Friday! What an insanely stressful week. Work for me is honestly so overwhelming that I don’t look forward to going in most days. I know it will pass, but wow does it make me even more grateful for my runs and time at home to relax. Also reading something funny like this really helps.


My runs have also felt just funky this week. Nothing bad (per se), just harder than normal. Which I know I’ve got to factor in the marathon/ ultra training fatigue, crazy amount of ice/ snow I’ve had to run through, and treadmill mental toughness I’ve also been faced with. I’ve got an easy 8 miles this morning on the treadmill (because running on the roads when it’s snowing is not something I do—> I think it’s too dangerous with cars potentially not seeing you/ going off the road trying to go around you/ snowplows) and then am so excited to get a massage this afternoon!

I’m trying to do more ‘pamper yourself’ things lately since I have been so stressed. They really have given me something to look forward to (besides my runs each day too)! Very grateful to be able to afford such luxuries at the moment. Also views like this on my run yesterday morning was pretty spectacular.


We’ve gotten SO MUCH SNOW lately and more is coming today/tonight. Trying to decide between hibernating tomorrow or going skiing? Hmmm…tough decisions living in such a beautiful place.


Stella has the puppy eyes down pat by now (she’s 10 yrs old), but she really took it to a new level last night. She hates ‘lying down’ when we’re eating, so this was a nice ‘half up/ half down’ compromise. Ha.


I also have a few random thoughts for you before the weekend begins:

I definitely need this right?! Looks SO GOOD!


Also we’re down to LESS THAN 100 DAYS!

  • I want everything from the new Spring Collection from Oiselle. Why couldn’t I just win the lottery?!


When’s your next race?!

Favorite way to ‘pamper yourself’?

Favorite way to de-stress?

Tips for getting out of a running fog?