Weekend Recap

What a great weekend we had! It’s funny how just doing something out of your normal schedule can really give you that extra boost of energy (or well- if it’s like that all the time then I think it’s pretty draining). We ended up skiing at Snowmass mountain in Aspen on Saturday and it was so much fun. We got the Ikon Pass this year, so we’re able to ski not just at Steamboat Resort (where we live), but also so many other great resorts! This was my second Colorado resort (other than Steamboat) that I’ve skied at, so I was so excited to try something new. We ended up booking a relatively inexpensive hotel in Glenwood Springs Friday night (around an hour and a half drive to get there) so we could break up the drive a bit. Lucky for us, our hotel was right next to a DQ so we just had to get some ice cream once we got there (also it was 40* there at night?!?).


We also researched parking lots so we would know relatively where we were going and came across this review:


Thanks to this review, we definitely knew this was the parking lot for us. Ha. We got there pretty early (it was less than hour drive from Glenwood to Snowmass)- aka had time to drink a latte at the base area before it opened and honestly it was so quiet there!


I’m sure that having 4 ski resorts so close together definitely helped spread out the crowds. It had also snowed there the day before so we go lucky enough to get some fresh tracks (AND skied a few untouched few powder areas).


We also had the best lunch at Base Camp Bar & Grill. SO DELICIOUS and yes, I ate it all.


Plus had the best Bloody Mary around. Pretty much a necessity when skiing.


So grateful to get to experience such beautiful areas on skis! We drove home Saturday night and got in around 4pm (not too terrible). I hopped right on the treadmill (because my quads couldn’t handle the thought of anymore hills- they were so tired from skiing!) and got in 4.25 easy paced miles watching Gilmore Girls then decided to get my strength in since my legs were already destroyed. Needless to say, it was definitely an early bedtime for both of us! Ha. I’m pretty sure I fell asleep at 8:30 and didn’t wake up until 6:45 Sunday morning!


Sunday was a lot of finishing up the laundry, catching some of the Pats game, hitting the treadmill for my 6 miles at marathon effort (my legs were still so tired from skiing that I couldn’t fathom any sort of elevation gain) plus some warm-up/ cool-down miles, and teaching skating in the late afternoon. We also performed surgery on my Noxgear vest! It had snapped when I used it one very cold morning a few weeks ago and they sent me out a new lighted piece with directions on how to replace it! It was pretty easy once we were able to get the screws out and I always love a company that honors a lifetime guarantee policy!



Best place you’ve ever skied?

Favorite Apres Ski beverage? I promise I won’t judge if it’s Hot Cocoa (normally my second favorite ; ) …)

Three things you did this weekend?!