Being Flexible, I Wish I Were Here, And Needing Travel!

Happy Friday! Welp. Yesterday’s run did NOT go initially as planned. You know how you sometimes just have a feeling that somethings off or you just get distracted a little too easily? Yeah. that was definitely my morning. I didn’t sleep super well because there’s a light outside of our condo that is supposed to be a sensor light, but instead of going off sometimes it just stays on all night (and proceeds to illuminate our entire room). Alex can honestly sleep through anything, but I need basically complete darkness! So needless to say, I was tired when my 4am alarm went off (as well as already partially awake) and then I just took forever to get ready for my run. I drank coffee, cuddled in my heated blanket, ate breakfast, did my strength work, contemplated where I should do my goal marathon paced miles, and before I knew it- Alex was awake and it was 5:45?!?


Yeah, I guess I got very easily distracted. I also should have stuck to my initial plan of leaving at 5am and doing my run on the treadmill.


I finally left our house around 6:15 and got into Steamboat where it was almost 20* COLDER than our home?!? AKA it was 4* and I was NOT wearing the right layers. I did one slow mile (sooo icy out!) and called it.


Luckily, I had a bit of flexibility in my day and decided to just do easy miles and will do my long run this morning (hopefully outside if it’s warm enough!- second week of back-to-back longish runs for my 50 miler training!) and do my goal paced miles on Sunday. It actually works out for the best because I was a bit concerned about getting in 8 miles Saturday morning before we left for our ski adventure and now I’ll have just 5 to get in instead (much more manageable!).

I’m glad I was so flexible about my schedule, but wow did some curveballs try to deter me from my run or what?!? Isn’t it funny how determined we (as runners are)? I know a lot of people who honestly would have just bagged their entire workout plans, but I’m glad that my stubbornness didn’t let me!

ALSO- I’m following along on all those RunDisney marathon weekend posts (and proceeding to be SO JEALOUS). Throwback to the time that I signed up for the Goofy Challenge and then ran 13.1 miles in the dark along a 3/4 mile strip on the road (finishing at 11:30pm) when the half marathon was cancelled due to crazy hurricane-like rain/wind/lightning! I will 100% do the Dopey Challenge someday. It’s on my bucketlist! Hmmm maybe a good ‘last hoorah’ before I turn 30 in 2020?!?


THIS VIEW was by far the best view I think I’ve ever had during any marathon. It was around mile 5? I think and so unbelievably beautiful before the sun came up. I want to go back just to experience it again (even though it was SO COLD and windy the entire race).


I’m super excited to travel somewhere tomorrow (other than Steamboat)- I feel like it’s really easy to get stuck here in town in the winter. It’s so much easier to travel in the Summer and everything just feels more accessible. I miss little things like a trip to Target or Dunkin Donuts Iced Coffee or Trader Joes! I don’t think we’ll be driving by any of these things, but just going somewhere else is all I really need! Ohhh TBT to donuts after half marathons….yummm… Also almost complete committed to signing up for my goal half marathon here in CO- still trying to decide! Anyone else plan out their entire racing season like a year in advance?



Favorite post-race treat?

Are you flexible with your training plans or like to stick to a strict schedule?

Anyone racing Disney or do you also wish you were there?1?