Training Tuesday: 5 Things I'm Doing DIFFERENTLY This Training Cycle

We made it through Monday! I’m just so excited it’s Fall that Monday didn’t even seem too bad for me (anyone else feel this way?!?). I’ve got some easy miles on the schedule this morning and teaching learn to skate classes later this afternoon. Tuesdays & Thursdays are always busy days for me and I typically work 9ish hour days! It’s funny how you just seem to adjust your mileage and running and training around working more hours vs not doing the workout (anyone feel like this?). If I have 6 miles on the schedule, then I’m definitely going to get in 6 miles whether I’m waking up earlier, showering in 5 minutes, or fitting it in between teaching lessons later in the afternoon.

Less than 48 days until my goal half marathon and I am excited! I’m shooting for that sub 1:42 and daydream about it during my runs almost every morning. I’m visualizing that time clock as I come across the finish line and doing everything in my power to make sure that I get it! That means I’m doing a few things differently/ more intensely this time around (don’t you love how each training cycle you learn something new?!):

  • Adding in more trail runs on either my easy days or long run days. Getting in some serious booty strength on those elevation gains and changing up the scenery! I may go slower, but on those days the goal is to either get in the mileage and/or keep my heart rate slower. Trail running is perfect for both of those! Plus it’s a beautiful time of year to do it too!


  • Swimming one time each week! I have LOVED adding in my weekly swims. It recharges me both physically and mentally. My body feels so much better after swimming post easy run and there’s just something so soothing about the water too!


  • Refueling faster after a run AND getting in better nutrition post long run. There’s almost nothing I love more than a cold raspberry lemonade after a long run, BUT it isn’t necessarily giving my body a whole lotta nutrients. I’m trying to be more cognizant of what my body is craving and also how I can make those cravings rebuild my body (rather than not really contributing to it very much)


  • Taking my easy days EASY. I’ve always been pretty good at keeping myself honest during my easy days, but I still think that some days I go too fast. I’m focusing on my breathing more versus what my pace is. That will help adapt my body and get it to be stronger for my big race goals come Spring 2019 (<—— where I’m getting that BQ!)


  • Stretching before and AFTER my runs. I would normally stretch either before or after my runs, but never normally both. I’m trying to focus more on warming my muscles up and then helping them relax after I finish running. It’s really hard to add this one in for me, but it’s SO IMPORTANT (and I think it’s a BIG REASON why I’ve finally been able to kick my plantar faciitis flare that’s been bothering me since June!)


What are some things you know you should be doing during your training that you have a really hard time actually DOING? —> stretching pre/post run, refueling properly, slowing down on those easy days