Training Tuesday: I LOVE this Running Calculator & How To Program A Workout Into Your Garmin

Hi friends! Alright so I'm taking a few days off a running. I didn't have the BEST tempo run yesterday (it was pretty hilly so I should probably give myself some grace) and ended feeling just "blah", so I'm taking a few days off a running and focusing on other things! I think sometimes it's hard to take a step back, but after a few runs lately that left me feeling less-than-spectacular I've decided that the best thing to do is to take a step back. I'll probably end up cutting back my training plans (thinking running 5 days a week instead), but I still believe that I've got a 3:45 marathon in me! Plus, THIS running calculator gives me pretty great confidence since I train at ~7,000 to 8,000 ft in elevation and running at Vegas is at ~2,000' still means I could even get under 3:35! Whattt. Regardless if this is accurate, that makes me feel PRETTY spectacular. 

Thanks to the  HRG  for posting this on her page!

Thanks to the HRG for posting this on her page!

OK so I just recently started programming my workouts into my Garmin (I have the Forerunner 235 and LOVE it) and am not really sure what took me so long. It's super helpful if you're planning to do any sort of speed, but I also really love it on my easy run days because you can program a certain pace range (AKA super slow) that you want and it will buzz until you are in your targeted pace zone. It also counts down on the distance so it's always refreshing to look down and see "oh wow, I only have a mile left" or something like that! 

You can program the workout into your Garmin through the Garmin Connect App on YOUR PHONE! How easy is that and then send it to your watch! 

1. Hit "More" down at the lower right portion of your screen


2. Click on "Workouts"


3. Click on the "+" on the Upper Right Portion of Your Screen


4. Click on Run (or whatever workout you want to program!)


5. Edit Your Workout. I like to keep in the Warm-Up & Cool-Down and program those to durations (and slower paces) to remind myself to take it slower in the beginning and at the end of my runs (but you can always delete those too!)


6. Add the information that you want for each step (I started in Warm-up) & clicked on Duration Type to switch it to Distance. 


7. Add an 'intensity target' if you want. This is where I'll add my targeted pace, but you can also target Heart Rate/ Mph/ etc. 


8. Hit the "back arrow" (top left portion of your screen) once you're done editing your warm-up/ run/ cool-downs and then once it's all set you can send it directly to your WATCH by clicking the phone looking icon on the top right portion of your screen! Voila! 


Ever tried programming your workout into your watch?

What's the elevation going to be at your next race?