Feature Friday: Some of My Favorite Inspirational Podcasts & What Do I Do When Running Gets HARD

Happy Friday! We finally made it! I wonder if weeks will seem this long and drawn-out when I'm in a job I really love?? Anyone out there in this position? I kept thinking that each day was a day later than what it actually was (i.e. on Tuesday I thought it was Wednesday), but regardless I'm glad it's finally Friday. Since Alex is away, I'm planning on getting into the kitchen A LOT this weekend to bake some goodies, get in a bunch of meal-prepping, and cleaning out more of our closets (yes.. we have several closets that are filled with winter/summer/outdoor CLOTHES/ Equipment/ etc. ) and getting so many things on Ebay. I've also got 10 miles on the schedule tomorrow and then a rest day on Sunday (with an easy 6 miles this morning). What's on tap for you this weekend? I'm still debating where my long run will be- there's a really beautiful country road a bit of a drive from us that is a little hilly, but mainly dirt and so quiet that would be so nice to run on or I could stay closer to home and run by the lake..hmmm. decisions. decisions. 

I've been listening to A LOT of podcasts lately (since most of my runs have still been easy paces) and I wanted to share with you some of my favorite ones that have inspired me:

  • Oprah's Super Soul Conversations- June 17 & June 19ths Podcasts with Tom Brady. SOOO GOOD! Even if you're not a Patriots fan, I highly recommend listening to it. He speaks a lot about his training philosophy, life goals, and when he will stop playing football (only when it no longer becomes fun)
  • Rambling Runner's Episode #74 with Sarah Canney- I'm a huge fan of Sarah's and think that she gives so much great advice in this episode. 
  • Finding Mastery: Conversations with Michael Gervais Episode with Des Linden- I've never listened to this podcast before and this one really got me hooked. I listened to it on my drive to Copper a few weekends ago and it had me thinking the entire time and so inspiring. 
  • I'll Have Another With Lindsey Hein episode #131 with Shadrack Biwott- I had never heard of Shadrack before this episode and he gives some of the best advice (including not taking yourself too seriously). He finished 3rd at the Boston Marathon and has an amazing outlook on life. 
  • Ali On The Run Show Episode #70 with Katie Burke- I know Ali's coming out with a new episode with Katie Burke and I can't wait. This one was so inspiring for me (she talks a lot about finding her dream job and great advice for anyone looking to make a big career change). 

Most of the times, I'm able to really enjoy my run, but sometimes I still struggle (i.e. especially in the heat).

Especially in those first few years of running, I struggled A LOT.

I had enjoyable runs, but they were honestly few and far-between. I gave up more often than I pushed through in beginning, but now I've found a few tricks that have helped me work through those struggles and enjoy the run:

  • Focusing on a different part of my body. Maybe I'll think about my ear or my big toe, but something to just completely get my mind off of running. 
  • Channeling my inner Emma Coburn. Have you ever seen one of Emma's videos on instagram where she's powering-out to an awesome song and looking like a total badass? Complete #girlcrush
  • Make a list of things I want to do after I run. Sometimes it includes what I'm going to eat, what I'm going to wear today, or what I have to look forward to doing after I run (i.e. lying on the floor in puddle of my own sweat)
  • Try a new route that you haven't run before. I did this on Wednesday. I spontaneously decided to stay on a new road that I hadn't run fully before rather than turning around after a mile and hitting up my normal route. It was refreshing to see different sights and meet new cow and horse friends
  • Focus on your breathing. This one helped me a lot when I was first starting out because I'd often try to run so fast and then get out of breath really quickly (and then get frustrated, which led to quitting). I started slowing down my paces by listening to my breathing, which led to me being able to run longer and gain more confidence. Once I built my confidence up, I was able to start speeding up. 
  • Think of each hard section as a challenge rather than an obstacle. I used to always view a hill as an obstacle (one that I will never conquer) and would plan to walk up the hill each time. I finally got frustrated with walking up all the hills and started slowly jogging up them. Some hills are bigger now and still a challenge, but when I am able to run up it as opposed to walking I feel like I did something really powerful. 


What are some things you do when a run or workout gets hard?

Favorite inspiring podcast episodes?

Something you're doing this weekend BESIDES running or working-out?