What My Training Has Looked Like Since MS Run The US

Happy Friday eve Friends! I hope you enjoyed my relay recaps and if you skipped them, well welcome back to your regular scheduled programming! I really enjoyed reliving my relay and it already got me dreaming about what my next BIG goals should be. I've got a few ideas ; ) What are you planning for the weekend? Is anyone racing?!? I'm really excited to just be "running" for the rest of this month and not in "training" mode. I've got my 50k mid-July and know that I'll need to fit in a 20-miler later this month, but otherwise I'm just running however long and wherever I like! My goal for the 50k will to just finish it, since I've never done one before!

SO, since I'm NOT training here is a breakdown of what my running has looked like post-relay (remember I didn't really feel anything besides just tired after my relay, so I started running much sooner than I originally anticipated):

Monday, May 28th (one day post-relay): OFF

Tuesday, May 29th: OFF

Wednesday, May 30th: OFF

Thursday, May 31st: 30 minutes on the elliptical

Friday, June 1st: 10 minutes on the stairclimber/ 10 minutes walking on the treadmill/ 20 minutes of strength work

Saturday, June 2nd: OFF / 3 mile hike with Alex & Stella

Sunday, June 3rd: 7 miles @ 9:08 / 20 minutes of Yoga / Light Strength Work


Monday, June 4th: 6 miles @ 9:30


Tuesday, June 5th: OFF / 4 mile hike with Stella


Wednesday, June 6th: 7 mile progression run 9:56 --> 8:01 pace (last mile cool down @ 10:36)


Thursday, June 7th: OFF / 35 minutes of strength work

Friday, June 8th: 6 miles @ 9:57


Saturday, June 9th: 3.26 miles @ 9:49 462' UP/ 3 mile backpack with Alex & Stella


Sunday, June 10th: OFF/ 3 mile backpack with Alex & Stella

I've just been basing my runs on how I feel and not running if I don't feel up to it. I may do a hike or strength work or just take it completely off if I don't want to. While I LOVE the structure of training, I'm kinda loving the freedom of this relaxed running schedule. 

What's your favorite thing with off season running?

What's something your most looking forward to this weekend?!?